Valentine’s Day Safety Tips

Every 14th day of February, Valentine’s Day takes place. The day can be a fun time of candy, hearts, and flowers that couples, families, and kids can celebrate and enjoy. Although there are several theories about the origins of the Valentine’s day holidays, what we do know is that the tasty tradition of gifting chocolates originated in the 19th century when British chocolate maker Richard Cadbury saw the holiday as a great time to boost his sales. Even though the holidays have become very commercial, an extra day of reminding us to tell our loved ones that we love them isn’t so bad.

Valentine’s Safety

If you plan to take advantage of special activities that may take place on Valentine’s Day, it is essential to do so safely. Spending a memorable and sweet day with those you love the most can be done with minimized risk of harm. Consider the following safety tips:

  1. If you are setting up a romantic atmosphere for your partner, incorporating lots of candles can be part of your plans. But it’s important to remember the proper placement of the candles to prevent the flames from catching anything on fire. So keep them away from curtains, blankets, etc., and also make sure they are on a safe surface where they won’t be easily knocked over.
  2. If you’re cooking a meal at home, be sure to turn off your oven and stove when you’re done. Also, take your time preparing meals, especially when working with very sharp cutlery, which can be dangerous.
  3. If you’re going to eat out where you’ll be enjoying alcoholic beverages, or if you’ll have some at home, have a transportation plan. Making sure you’re not driving with alcohol in your system is important to minimizing the risk of a car accident. The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration reports that 28 of people die in impaired driving accidents every day across the United States. If you have a designated driver and you are hit, seek medical attention and talk to a Jackson Car Accident Lawyer both can be beneficial.
  4. Making reservations in advance, looking at your route to your destination, and preparing to leave home well in advance can reduce the chances that you’ll feel the need to speed up when you’re on the road. Oftentimes, feeling rushed is one of the most common reasons people speed up. Speeding is a leading cause of car accidents in Mississippi and across the country.

Talk to a Jackson Personal Injury Lawyer

Enjoying the Valentine’s Day holiday in the safest way possible. But if other people are also not behaving responsibly that day and their actions cause an incident that hurts you or your loved one, please call Jackson Personal Injury Lawyer to the German law firm, PLLC to discuss your case during a free consultation at (601) 487-0555.