United Airlines to launch African heritage travel packages

Chinedu Eze

United Airlines and Certified Africa, a travel and excursion company that simplifies travel to Africa, have partnered to create convenient options for travelers who want to visit Africa for experiences related to African heritage.

Travelers can now visit www.certifiedafrica.com to book all-in-one private or group travel experiences that include United flights.

Customizable experience packages also include accommodation, airport pickup, transportation, cultural tours, activities, and select meals and guides. Certified Africa also helps ensure travelers are prepared and informed about travel requirements such as visas, vaccinations, Covid-19 precautions and travel insurance.

“One of the most intimidating aspects of traveling abroad is the unknown. Each new culture has its own customs, languages ​​and traditions, which can be difficult to navigate if you are not used to them”, said Kristin Tellis Quaye, co-founder of Certified Africa.

“With Certified Africa staff and guides accompanying you and the added convenience of included United flights, you can feel comfortable and ready for the unknown when traveling in Africa and immerse yourself in the heritage and culture. “, she added.