Top tips for planning a vacation with a baby – from parents who’ve done it all

Top tips for planning a vacation with a baby from parents who’ve done it all – including why not overpack nappies and the best flight times for families

Going on holiday with a baby can be daunting – but there are simple tips to make your life easier

Vacations come with a bit of planning – and if it’s the first time you’re going abroad with your baby, it’s only natural that it can feel like a daunting task.

However, help is at hand thanks to parents who have done everything before.

Parents Paula and Matt, and mum Moon Hough, all travel regularly with their children, and they’ve now shared their top tips for baby-friendly vacations with travel stroller company Micralite.

From packing tips (and why you should avoid overpacking diapers) to choosing flight times that won’t disrupt your little one’s sleep schedule, they’ve got you covered.

Check out the tips they shared below…

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Manage your expectations

Traveling with a baby for the first time will require some adjustments. Paul and Matt recommend “traveling slowly” to enjoy your destination, such as planning to visit one place each day and planning downtime or playtime with your baby.

Babies can be unpredictable, so just be prepared to adapt, whether that means changing plans or canceling something altogether.

Do your research

Before your vacation, take the time to plan where you will want to visit. Paul and Matt suggest that you avoid trying to do too much by cramming loads into a single day – instead, spread the activities out throughout your stay.

Moon also advises that if you can, “stay in one place longer to make sure you can do whatever you want.” That extra time could make all the difference if there’s an unexpected tantrum or you decide you want a little extra downtime.

Think about your accommodation

Make sure you choose the right accommodation



Paul and Matt suggest that an Airbnb or vacation home might be easier than hotels because they often have more conveniences that can come in handy like a washing machine or kitchen appliances.

Meanwhile, Moon recommends contacting your hosting provider ahead of time — find out what’s already available so you don’t pack tons of extras unnecessarily.

Do not overpack diapers

Make sure you have enough nappies for at least three days – then you can go to a local supermarket and buy some more to help you avoid overpacking. Of course, if you’re heading to a distant location or aren’t sure if there are shops nearby, it’s worth adding a few more – or contact your accommodation to find out what’s available in the area. region.

Stick to your baby’s sleep routine as much as possible

Sticking to a sleep routine can make all the difference


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Flying around sleeping hours can make all the difference, especially if it increases the chances of your baby sleeping during the flight.

As for that dreaded ear, Paul and Matt suggest packing something for your baby to suck on or chew on – or you can also massage their ears and the side of their head for extra comfort.

One thing all the parents agreed on; keep the same sleep routines you do at home. Moon says, “Even if it’s hard or you don’t want to miss anything, learn to love this new kind of (kid-friendly!) travel.”

Check the weather

Make sure they’re dressed for the weather



Are you going somewhere warm and sunny? You will want to keep your baby at a safe temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Moon advises you to try to keep your baby cool and in the shade – a sun hat and plenty of water are also a must. Paula and Matt add that you should try “to completely avoid sun exposure during peak sunlight hours and that sunscreen (preferably 50+) should be applied every half hour to an hour” .

For cold destinations, you’ll want to pack plenty of proper layers – a snowsuit, waterproof boots and gloves are essential if you’re going somewhere snowy.

As a general rule, Paul and Matt advise that your baby “should always have at least one more diaper than you.”

Do you have any good tips for other parents traveling with a baby? Let us know in the comments below.