Top 5 travel tips Canadians can use to save time and money while on vacation

If you’re planning on traveling over the holiday season, a new list of travel tips has details on how Canadians can save on airfare and the best time to book for cheap flights.

Expedia has released its 2023 Air Travel Hacks report, detailing essential tips to save travelers time and money on flights.

The annual report, which was created with the Airlines Reporting Corporation, contains data-driven hacks that travelers can use during peak season.

As flight prices are expected to rise over the holidays after a busy summer travel period, Expedia’s travel hacks offer tips for getting the best price on flights, what day and how far in advance of your flight you should book, how to avoid disruptions and more.

Here are the top five travel tips from the Expedia report.

Book on Sunday to save

According to Expedia, Canadian travelers should book flights on Sundays to save extra money.

The travel company says those who book on Sundays versus Fridays tend to save around 15% on domestic flights and 10% on international flights, on average.

Book your domestic flights at least two months in advance

Travelers can still save money by booking at least two months before domestic flights.

According to Expedia, travelers who booked domestic travel at least two months in advance saved 40%, on average, compared to those who waited a month before their flight to book.

Book international flights at least three months in advance

The same advice about booking in advance also applies to international travel.

According to Expedia, travelers who booked international flights at least three months before traveling saved almost 10% compared to those who waited only a month before.

Departure before 3 p.m. to reduce the risk of cancellation

After a busy summer season in which many travelers saw tons of flight cancellations, Expedia said Canadian travelers should plan to leave before 3 p.m. to reduce the risk of trip cancellations.

Citing year-to-date flight status data, Expedia says flights departing between 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. are the least likely to be canceled.

On the other hand, it says flights departing after 3 p.m. have a 15% higher chance of cancellation.

Leave on Friday to save on domestic flights

Expedia says going on Friday can save you money, rather than other days of the week.

The company says Saturday through Monday are the most expensive days to travel domestically, so you should avoid traveling on those days if you can.

He reports that for domestic flights, departing on Fridays compared to the beginning of the week saved travelers 20%.

Thursday is also a better option for domestic travel, when travelers save 10% on average.

International departures, however, are a bit different. When traveling internationally, Expedia says Thursday is actually the cheapest day to travel, with Wednesday also saving travelers 5%.

Sunday and Monday, he said, are the most expensive days to travel abroad.

Best travel tips for 2022

Over the summer, CAA South Central compiled a list of its top 10 travel tips for Canadians traveling in and out of the country, and many of the tips are relevant for traveling at all times.

Among travel advice, the CAA advised Canadians to expect schedule changes (and be aware of flights), to have travel documents ready before booking, buying (and understand) travel insurance and make sure you understand that COVID-19 is still a thing.

The CAA also places importance on staying connected while travelling, which may include regularly checking the Global Affairs Canada website and being patient and kind – good advice for traveling n’ anytime, anywhere!