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Whether you’re a recent fine arts graduate, embarking on a fledgling career in arts administration, or just trying to figure out your next steps, planning a career path in the creative industries can certainly be challenging.

To help you on your way, we’ve compiled a range of resources from our extensive archive to help you set and achieve your creative career goals.

Where to start?

Where an Arts Degree Can Take You

Part of launching your professional journey is understanding the values ​​you bring to the arts industry and beyond. ArtsHub spoke to several professionals both within and beyond the opportunities and skills provided by their arts degrees.

Competitive ground for arts graduates

How can aspiring artists and arts workers navigate an increasingly competitive post-COVID career path? Penny Griggs, CEO of Adelaide Central School of Art, and Steven Alderton, Head of National Art School Sydney, offer advice on where to look for opportunities, including in the booming regional sector, and how to create a five-year post-graduation plan.

Internships: rewarding professional experience or glorified volunteering?

If you’re a recent graduate and you know you want to work in the arts but aren’t sure where to start, ArtsHub’s latest article on internships can help you figure out if this path is right for you.

“The goal of an internship is to accelerate your learning in a real business environment. Commercial means doing “real” work. It may not all be as creative as you’d like, but it’s a perfect opportunity to participate in a real environment and confirm that this is the career you want,” said Carol Mackay, President of the internship change management group.

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Skills for performers

Reach the limelight with online auditions

Online auditions are now common practice and offer greater accessibility for those unable to travel. Therefore, actors and other performing artists will need to excel in digital auditions in order to make the most of every opportunity. While familiar surroundings can make in-room auditions less daunting, certain preparations can ensure that your virtual, video, or self-taped audition remains professional.

Train actors over the long term

Australia’s premier online career longevity resource for aspiring young professional actors, The Long Haul, covers topics such as working with agents and agencies, dealing with rejection, developing positive relationships with peers and colleagues, financial advice, and good mental health and well-being.

Skills for Visual Artists

Is your art a hobby or a business?

Sometimes our artistic practice is a business. Sometimes our artistic practice is a hobby. Sometimes our artistic endeavor is a hobby disguised as a business. There are several ways to determine which of these categories best describes your artistic practice.

10 famous artist career hacks

From maintaining your privacy, embracing your inner child, and ensuring you create art that lasts, some of our greatest contemporary artists share their wisdom.

Tips for Artist Branding

Compelling storytelling is at the heart of branding and can help artists strengthen their connection with audiences.

Why do you need a consignment contract for your work

While mistakes are inevitable when you’re just starting out, it’s important to protect your interests both financially and legally. Whether you’re an artist sending artwork to a gallery for potential sale or exhibition, or an artisan or maker placing production work in a store or gallery, you need to protect yourself with an agreement. of consignment.

For beginning writers

10½ commandments of writing

Suggestions commonly offered to writers do not work for everyone and should be approached with caution. Here are 10 considerations for writers, with a complimentary additional commandment.

How would you define an “emerging” writer?

The term “emerging” is supposed to help identify early-career writers who need support, but it’s too often categorized by age. This piece encourages you to think outside the box if you feel like you’ve aged out of opportunity, but are just beginning your writing journey.

The journey of the first writer and the sequel

If you’re wondering what it takes to launch your first book, listen to those who’ve been through the torrent before. The writers interviewed have all followed different paths to achieve their goals and financially support their projects.

Obtain an artistic grant for your literary project

Want more information on how to find funding to support your literary project? Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started.

The pros and cons of recording audiobooks

Audiobooks are on the rise, and it can be a great way to gain new audiences if you’re an emerging writer. We invited authors and industry professionals to talk about their experiences working with audio platforms, including their insights into costs, collaborations and market evolution.

Tips for artistic workers

Cover letters to shine from the start

While channeling creative impulses into a cover letter isn’t a bad idea, basics like good grammar and spelling, being authentic, and just nailing structure are a good start. Here we offer advice alongside recruitment experts on how to stand out from the crowd when applying for a new job in the arts industry.

The adage “fake it until you make it” just got easier with Zoom

Tips for acing that virtual interview and why there are more pros than cons to doing it online.

Essential Skills of a Great Arts Administrator

Keeping multiple balls in the air is one of the many traits the successful art administrator must master. We asked a range of arts administrators from across the country, some at the top of their game and some still emerging, about what elements of their skills they believe are most useful to them.

Additional Resources

These apply to a wider range of creatives and young professionals:

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