Tips on how to use Google to spend less while traveling the world

Similarly, if you enter your destination on the main Google Flights site, the calendar will update the average price. The lowest prices will appear in green and the most expensive in red. You can spend time looking at dates in different months to find cheap flights on days that work for you.

If you know your travel dates

The tool is also useful if you know when you would like to go on vacation, but have not decided where. Select the exact dates you plan to travel, set the price filter to suit your budget, and Explore will present options around the world. You’ll probably find an intriguing destination, and it might just be a place you never thought to visit.

Some other tips to remember

While Google Flights will often lead you to the cheapest flights, some online agencies may also have even lower fares, if they have direct agreements with the airlines.

It is important to always make comparative purchases. One thing to be aware of with agencies is that some add additional service charges and other fees, so the rate you are shown at the start may be lower than the rate they show you when you pay. You should also check the fare offered on the airline’s website before booking.

Also note that on Google Flights and other websites that allow you to search for fares, there can sometimes be delays in updating search results. If the checkout rate is higher, this may be the reason. Some airlines aren’t listed on Google Flights and if any of them fly to the destination you want to visit, you’ll want to check their prices separately.

Finally, consider your total budget for your trip, not just your airfare, but also hotel, meals, and other expenses. Depending on the trip you have in mind, a package offered by a travel agent, online or otherwise, may be a better deal than booking and paying for airfare, hotel, car rental and other items separately.