Tips for taking your campervan on the road this bank holiday weekend


The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an increase in the number of motorhome owners, but with fuel prices now at sky-high levels, fuel technology specialist SulNOx Group Plc has put together some tips for making the most of miles per gallon of your home on wheels:

Experts in SulNOx technology, which is distributed by Shrewsbury-based Eliminox, urge people to maintain their vehicles so their vehicles run as efficiently as possible, increasing their miles per litre.

“Check your tires. Under-inflated tires can impact your fuel mileage by 3-10%. Likewise, over-inflating your tires can also have a negative impact,” a spokesperson said.

“Are there things in your motorhome that are there simply because they have always been there, even if you never use them? Take them out. Likewise, unless you are planning a trip across the Sahara you probably don’t need a full tank of water. The lighter your campervan is, the further it will go on just one tank of fuel.”

“Give your fuel a boost. Our SulNOxEco™ fuel conditioners improve the combustion of light fuels, including gasoline and diesel. Tests have shown that they reduce fuel consumption by up to 8%. “

Other tips include route planning, remembering that a motorhome is wider than a car, and avoiding black spots during rush hour.

Slow down, the most economical speed for the majority of motorhomes is 55-60 mph, drive smooth and turn off the air conditioning. Air conditioning can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%