The best round-trip flight deals to spend Christmas in America

How many years we have had.

By that of course we mean that they were largely awful, stressful, and made us want to travel again, having been locked inside for months.

With that in mind, we think it’s high time to stop compromising and go somewhere you’ve always wanted – for many it’s the United States.

And with Christmas coming faster than you might think, it’s time to go ahead and secure a flight deal now, before the prices go up.

That’s why we’ve found the best round-trip flight deals so you can spend a week in the US over Christmas break, all from Manchester Airport, with SkyScanner.

New York City – return for £ 354 per person

It is a fairy tale, told through all forms of media. Movies, books, music, all of them have portrayed the magic of New York City during a snowy Christmas – so why not experience it for yourself?

Central Park during the snow, shopping at Macy’s, catching a Broadway show, it’s all there.

According to SkyScanner, you can have this luxury for just £ 354 over the Christmas period.

Departing on December 21, you will spend seven days there, then return to Newark on December 28. Keep in mind that this deal includes a long layover on the way out, so you might have to spend a bit more if you want to avoid this.

Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando – return for £ 569 per person

Another fairytale place for kids – or adult kids. You can spend as much time as you want indulging in your Disney fantasies and at the same time seeing the famous Disney World Resort. It really sells itself.

You can catch a flight to Orlando International from Manchester on December 22 and spend eight days at the resort, departing on December 30 for £ 569 per adult.

Florida – return for £ 567pp

If you’ve always wanted to spend Christmas on the beach but can’t deal with a 24-hour flight to Australia, Miami and Florida is the place for you. Warm weather, a booming art scene, and a healthy dose of festive joy will greet you as you set foot on American soil.

Departing on December 21, you can spend seven days in Miami and return on December 28, for £ 567. Remember that you will have to change flights several times.

Chicago – return from £ 498pp

While this isn’t the cheapest deal you can get, the lowest price around £ 300 includes a 52 hour layover on the way home, which isn’t fun for anyone. This agreement also allows you to travel via Dublin, allowing you to pass US immigration before actually arriving in the land of the free. It’s much faster that way – just ask anyone who has ever had to sit in the passport queue at a US airport.

Departing on December 21, you can stay until December 30 via Chicago O’Hare.

aspen – return from £ 566 per person

Skiing your thing? Aspen is the gold standard of American trails, being a favorite of seasoned enthusiasts who make a Christmas pilgrimage to the Colorado resort each year.

With this offer, you will arrive in Denver International, 40 miles from Aspen itself, on December 23, and return on December 30. There are some long waits, but it saves you a lot of money.

That’s our list – be sure to check the government website for the latest tips on how to enter and re-enter the United States, with travel restrictions changing soon.