State Patrol offers winter driving safety tips

The Minnesota State Patrol reminds drivers of safe practices following a car accident as winter weather returns to the state.

As snow blanketed snow on Monday, more than 500 crashes were recorded statewide.

MnDOT cameras show a red car turning down the highway missing several trucks by a hair’s breadth.

Drivers are also on video sliding down ramps and into ditches back to back.

When snow falls, difficult driving conditions ensue.

“I saw accidents everywhere. People are going in circles,” said Affordable Waste Removal worker Ricardo Holmez.

If it’s raining, sleet or snowing, Holmez has no choice but to be on the road for his junkyard business.

“We took our time and got through it without any accidents,” he said.

If an accident does occur, road safety experts say knowing what to do next could save your life.

“It is important that you shoulder your vehicle down if possible, but always stay in your vehicle and keep your seat belt on,” said Sgt. Troy Christianson of the Minnesota State Patrol said. “So a lot of times we’ll have someone not paying attention doing the back end of the vehicle.”

When you reach the shoulder, dial 911 and a State Trooper will answer and provide lights to get you off the road safely.

“We just have a bit of snow and people keep driving over it which turns to ice pretty quickly and that’s when we start to see a lot of these accidents happen,” said Sgt. . said Christianson.

The State Patrol sees an increase in fatalities in recent years and high speeds are what fuel them.

Authorities are urging drivers to slow down, increase their following distance, allow more travel time and stay focused while driving.

The Minnesota State Patrol added that if you don’t follow some of these safety practices, you could cause another accident after the first one.

Authorities advise drivers to keep blankets, food and water in the car in case you are waiting for help after an accident