Stansted Airport: All the latest Ryanair flight deals under £20

Discounted offers for holidays abroad are always welcome. Traveling abroad can be expensive, so any way to save a little money can be very helpful.

Now that most holiday hotspots are reopening to overseas travel, coupled with the sunny weather we are having here in the UK, many of us are dreaming of a lovely sunny trip abroad.

It is worth noting the relevant Covid travel restrictions where you want to go, as each country has its own rules and regulations. Since last Friday, those arriving in the UK will no longer need to take a Covid test, even if they have not been vaccinated.

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The offers below are all available on Ryanair at the time of writing and may be subject to change. These are also all one-way flights from London Stansted, but they still reflect a lot.

All rates are subject to availability. You’ll also need to book by March 30, 2022, and flights operate on various dates between April 1 and June 30, 2022.

Kalamata, Greece: £7.99 (April 2)

Zadar, Croatia: £7.99 (April 1)

Faro, Portugal: £9.74 (May 16)

Malaga, Spain: £9.99 (April 24)

Castelleon (Valencia), Spain: £12.74 (June 7)

Zakynthos, Greece: £12.99 (April 1)

Fuerteventura, Spain: £14.59 (May 10)

Agadir, Morocco: £14.99 (June 19)

Chania, Greece: £14.99 (April 25)

Fes, Morocco: £14.99 (June 22)

Ibiza, Spain: £14.99 (June 28)

Lamezia, Italy: £14.99 (June 12)

Lanzarote, Spain: £14.99 (April 27)

Marrakech, Morocco: £14.99 (June 14)

Menorca, Spain: £14.99 (June 29)

Palma de Mallorca, Spain: £14.99 (June 12)

Rabat, Morocco: £14.99 (June 16)

Rijeka, Croatia: £14.99 (June 12)

Seville, Spain: £14.99 (June 5)

Valencia, Spain: £14.99 (June 6)

Gran Canaria, Spain: £16.34 (June 8)

Barcelona Girona, Spain: £16.99 (April 23)

Barcelona Reus, Spain: £16.99 (June 30)

Salzburg, Austria: £16.99 (June 8)

Tenerife South, Spain: £16.99 (April 21)

Pula, Croatia: £17.74 (May 5)

Alicante, Spain: £17.99 (June 20)

Murcia International, Spain: £17.99 (May 18)

Jerez, Spain: £18.99 (April 25)

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