Ryanair Black Friday flight deals include purchase of free flight to dozens of destinations

Ryanair has launched an offer to purchase a free flight on flights as the flagship title of the Black Friday 2021 offer.

But go quick – you must have booked your tickets by midnight tonight (Friday).

The airline launched the offer in the early hours of this morning, on the heels of many other airlines that started launching their Black Friday deals yesterday (Thursday).

British Airways offered the highlight of the day if you have a burning urge to travel to the United States now that border restrictions have been lifted. They’ve launched 20,000 round-trip flights to New York, Boston and Philadelphia for just £ 299 so if you’re tempted we strongly suggest you book them early as they won’t stick around. Book them here.

Easyjet, meanwhile, released 800,000 spaces for £ 19.99, although we’ve found plenty more up to £ 17.99 on European destinations such as Paris, Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen, Malaga, Berlin, the Canary Islands and more. You can even get to Antalya for £ 17.99 one way. Check them.

Cathay pacificThe deals work best if you are traveling with friends or family. The airline is offering discounts on fares to Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and Australia in 2022. The reduction is around 15% for one passenger, but for two you get 50% off the second ticket and for three or more you get 25% off each ticket. All the details.

UIS reduced flights by £ 30 per person on tickets for short and medium-haul flights, or £ 50 per flight for long-haul flights for flights booked between January 2022 and April 2023. Book here.

Virgin atlantic is the most lackluster flight offer to date, up to £ 50 off economy seats, £ 100 off in premium economy and £ 200 off in higher class

As one of the most colorful CEOs in the business world, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary is known to occasionally tell the folks at BOGOF when he feels they deserve it.

But Ryanair’s deal is one of the best Black Friday flight deals we’ve seen so far.

There are exclusions on certain dates around Christmas, but otherwise it covers a large number of destinations, although it does not cover domestic UK flights.

However, he Is it that cover Norway, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark, Slovakia, Latvia, Sweden and many more.

Read the terms and conditions of the Ryanair offer here and find out how to book.