Premium membership offers flight deals + entries to earn $5,000 travel rewards

Summer is here, bringing with it the desire to travel. Take the vacation you’ve been postponing and book a trip with a lifetime subscription to Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+. Plus, enter to win $5,000 towards your dream destination.

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Simply add your home airport and DFC will record the top regions you want to discover – automatically alerting you to the latest discoveries directly to your email or via the designated mobile app. You’ll discover the cheapest deals available so you can jump in when the time comes and finally start scratching places off your to-do list. With a Premium Membership, you’ll also get helpful travel tips, save up to 90% on popular flights, and access plenty of discounts from DFC’s partners.

As The Points Guy reviewed, “We use Dollar Flight Club’s deal alerts as a resource at The Points Guy, and have found it to be a solid service that sends out lots of flight deals international airports which are reserved for departure airports. you want.”

Right now, you can get a Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+ Lifetime Membership (save up to $2,000 on Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy Class flight deals) plus five entries to earn $5,000 on flights, hotels and more for just $99 (reg $1,690). Hurry, this offer is only valid from 06/15 to 06/30. Start booking the trips you’ve been postponing and enjoy the benefits of having all the best deals in one place.

Prices subject to change.