O Canada! Round-trip flight deals from the US for under $100

Fall is a great time to visit Canada, especially when airfares drop with the leaves. Several airlines are offering deals from US airports to Canada during the traditionally slow fall travel season.

Some of the best airfare deals include round trips from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) for $93, from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX ) to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for $181, from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to Toronto for $231 and from New York to Vancouver for $287.

Airlines offering the deals include Air Canada, discount carrier Flair Airlines and JetBlue. Expect to see other airlines follow suit and reduce fares for popular routes between the United States and Canada.

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Some of these airfares are for basic economy class tickets which incur additional charges, even for carry-on baggage, so read the terms and conditions of any itinerary carefully before booking.

Read on for more details and limitations on these flight deals.

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Basics of the offer


Airlines companies : Air Canada, Flair, JetBlue and others.
Routes: From cities across the United States, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, to Toronto, Vancouver and other cities in Canada.
How to book: Search on Google Flights, then book directly with the airline.
Travel dates: October 2022 to April 2023, excluding holiday periods.
Book before: Although discounted tickets are available.

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Examples of flights

With the huge selection of discount flights to Canada this fall, here are just a few examples of the many city and airline options currently available. Popular flight routes highlighted here include New York and Chicago to Toronto, and Los Angeles and New York to Vancouver. You can also find great deals on flights from Atlanta, Chicago and Denver.

There are many open dates from September to December for these routes, with flexibility for time of day as well. However, few, if any, discount seats are available during peak Thanksgiving and holiday seasons.

While fares start at just $93 for these flights, be aware that many economy fares do not allow carry-on baggage (apart from a small personal item) at no charge. Charges can be over $50 per ride. So take the time to compare different options on the same route, factoring baggage fees into your calculation.

Even with baggage fees, many of these flights offer great deals. Find the dates that work best for you, read the fine print carefully before booking, and then you’re set for a trip north.

New York to Toronto


You can find the cheapest fares to Canada on discount carrier Flair Airlines. Flair’s flight itineraries include departures from New York, Los Angeles and other US airports to Toronto, Vancouver and other Canadian destinations. The sub-$100 fare shown here is less than half the cost of typical flights along this route.

However, this basic Flair Airlines ticket does not include carry-on or checked baggage. Purchasing one of Flair’s “bundled” baggage offers will add approximately $50 per ride for this itinerary, but also includes one piece of checked baggage.

Flair’s discount fares between New York and Toronto are available on select dates from November through April, with round-trip prices in January as low as $86.

If you can manage to fly with just a personal bag, perhaps for a weekend getaway, then the fare is a phenomenal deal. However, the savings quickly disappear if you take luggage.

New York to Vancouver


JetBlue is another airline offering discount flights to Canada this fall. One of its best deals is this nonstop flight from JFK to Vancouver for just $287. Typical flights for this route cost upwards of $400, with peak times exceeding $600 for a return ticket.

This sample ticket is for the Blue Basic fare class, which does not allow carry-on baggage or seat selection. For an additional $38 each way, you get “free” seat selection and “free” carry-on baggage.

Even with the hand luggage supplement, the flight is still a reasonable deal compared to standard fares for a non-stop flight of this distance.

Los Angeles to Vancouver


Flair Airlines is also offering West Coast flight deals this fall. This sample fare of $181 between Los Angeles and Vancouver represents a reduction of approximately $100 compared to typical flights on this route outside of holiday periods. However, Flair’s base ticket does not include carry-on baggage, which can cost $50 or more per segment, negating most of the savings over major carrier flights.

Both Delta Air Lines and United Airlines offer fares of $271 for this standard economy class route, which includes one carry-on bag. If you’re looking to maximize miles on your old carrier of choice, foregoing Flair tickets makes sense, especially if you’re bringing luggage with you. Fares of $271 still represent savings over typical United and Delta flights on this route (and are currently $92 cheaper than Air Canada tickets on this route).

If you can manage to travel with just a personal item (or perhaps split carry-on space and costs with a partner), Flair Airlines round-trips between Los Angeles and Vancouver can be a bargain, some January price dropping as low as $136.

Chicago to Toronto


Air Canada is getting into the fall discount game with $231 flights between Chicago and Toronto in the sample November itinerary above. Flights on this route are usually $100-$200 more expensive, higher during the summer months and holiday periods. While not as jaw-dropping as the sub-$100 Flair fares, these Air Canada Chicago-Toronto flights are at a decent discount on regular prices — and with free carry-on.

If you’re bringing luggage on your trip to Canada, it might be worth exploring Air Canada’s flight options, even on routes where Flair or JetBlue’s base fares seem to be much cheaper. With baggage fees, super discounted flight costs can sometimes exceed those of larger carriers.

Maximize your purchase

Use a card that earns bonus points on airline ticket purchases. The Platinum Card® from American Express Earn 5 points per dollar spent on airfare booked directly with the airline or through American Express Travel, up to $500,000 of such purchases per calendar year.

The Citi Premier® Card and the Reserve Chase Sapphire earn 3 points per dollar spent on airfare, while the American Express® Gold Card Earn 3 points per dollar spent on airfare when booked directly with the airline or through Amex Travel. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card earns 2 points per dollar spent on travel. Read TPG’s guide to maximizing airline ticket purchases.

At the end of the line

You can take advantage of the slow fall travel season by taking a cheap return ticket from the United States to Canada. The wide selection of discount flights from many US cities gives you the flexibility to plan a fall foliage expedition, a weekend getaway or a longer vacation to explore Canada. Fares under $200 are great deals for shorter flights to Canada, while fares under $300 are great deals for cross-border flights.

While we’ve only highlighted a few of the many discount flights here, you’ll be able to find more destination and origin options through Google Flights, then book directly with the airlines.

Be aware that many of these discounted flights involve basic economy class tickets which may incur additional carry-on baggage charges. Before booking, carefully consider any additional charges and decide if the flight is right for you.