Money-saving tips to grab cheaper flight deals and overseas vacations

Tour operators and holiday businesses are reporting a huge surge in travel and holiday bookings after many Covid restrictions were finally eased by the UK government.

Many overseas countries are also starting to ease coronavirus travel rules and thereafter prices will rise to reflect increased demand.

Here, low cost airline Wizz Air reveals seven money-saving tips for getting cheap flights and upgrades when traveling abroad this semester.

Change currency

Depending on the strength of different currencies at the time of research, it may be worth booking a flight in the currency of the destination to save money.

Open two online tabs, one with the location set in your current destination and the other with the location set in the destination you are traveling to. Comparing prices, such as the pound against the euro, can provide a substantial saving, especially if the airline is based and operates overseas.

Fly with flexibility

Flying during peak hours can be expensive, but being flexible can save money. Night flights are often cheaper than daytime flights and changing destination airports can also save money.

One way ticket

Making two separate bookings instead of one round trip can save a traveler money. Of course, this may not be the case 100% of the time, so it’s worth looking for a return and two-book in two search tabs when looking for the best deals.

Plan ahead

It’s a common myth that waiting until the last minute to book a flight is a money-saving exercise. The price of flights tends to increase as it gets closer to takeoff, especially if there is a lot of interest in the route. Booking up to eight weeks in advance is probably the cheapest time to book.

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Three is a crowd

When multiple people are traveling together, finding flights as a group booking is likely to become expensive as the airline’s algorithm will automatically place the party together.

Booking seats separately can be time consuming, but is likely to be the most cost effective method.

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