Money saving tips for a wedding

Wedding is one of the greatest days in life. It is the landmark from which someone begins their new journey. Something stands out about Indian weddings – a jam-packed, bright, multi-day event loaded with lavish style, mouth-watering food, dancing and heaps of family members someone might not have. never to be met under any circumstances! Either way, even though Indian weddings are fun to design and attend, there’s no getting away from the dreaded wedding budget. It is no surprise to hear that the expenses of an Indian wedding have almost multiplied in a few years and even if the bride and groom would like that day, it will not happen.

Wedding planners accept that certain variables contribute to these rising costs. There is growing importance for couples choosing weddings in an exotic location, couture wedding attire, pre-wedding photoshoots and not forgetting how hen parties and bachelor parties are currently transforming. weekends or abroad. excursions. The way couples decide to travel to their weddings has taken an emotional shift from the days of recruiting a nearby local corridor not too far away to gigantic capacity settings at hostels, resorts, grape plantations and even castles. It’s all about the “wow” factor and doing something enchanting for the couple and loved ones too.

Indeed, it is valid. Organizing an Indian wedding is not modest and it is difficult to stay on budget. Few couples often need to seek financial help from loved ones or dive into their savings accounts to meet their expenses. However, an ideal day doesn’t have to be a financial battle.

Make your home the place for small parties and ceremonies before the wedding

Pre-wedding festivities don’t have to be absurd and over budget. In any case, it may be wise to welcome only the dearest companions and family members. In case someone’s house is too small to even consider hosting an occasion, host it at a friend’s house or alternatively at family’s or an exceptional scene. Seek help from family members and companions to work with the stylistic theme and, if needed, routine schedules. However, if someone’s house can accommodate the number of people for functions like haldi or mehndi, it will turn out to be the best idea left under the budget.

Keep records and open a savings account

Create an accounting page to separate costs, purchase an organizer or notepad to jot down the budget. This will ensure that mental stability is in check and that planning does not waste unnecessary money. Use organizers to stay on budget and also monitor store due dates. A reliable cell phone also has a beautiful calendar!

Create a wedding savings account assuming there is a plan for budgeting and spending. Constantly driving the wedding, set aside a limited amount of money for the big day. No matter the amount, just remember that a limited amount goes a long way. If possible, avoid it, do whatever it takes not to depend on a credit card.

Choose local vendors for decoration and restoration

Suppliers of long distance or overseas weddings will consistently charge more for travel, time and transportation. Nevertheless, choose quality suppliers so in case there is a merchant whose work a couple adores, don’t think twice. Tell them the budget consistently.

Save on this wedding cake

Unless someone has always dreamed of the epic ten-tier wedding cake, then at this point step away from that progression. The idea is to ask a cake decorator to plan a cake large enough to serve the number of visitors. For example, if 250-300 wedding guests are attending the reception, a 2-3 tier cake should suffice. Cupcakes are also becoming more and more famous and can work at an affordable price.

Invitation for the wedding

Before proceeding, give full respect to the creative designers of wedding writing materials who spend hours creating exquisitely planned invitations. As you go, remember that there are multiple occasions to cover in an Indian wedding, which means heaps of data to cover on invitations!

Why not create a wedding website organized just for the couple? Have a proper greeting, while saving money on cost, by including all the quick and dirty niceties like guides, bearings, transportation, and on-site wedding convenience. The excellence of this one is that it doesn’t need to cost a thing! Send visitors an ink on the website on the greeting and collect their email addresses. Does it sound like hard work? Delegate running and chores to a best friend or relative.

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