Marriott Bonvoy delay crediting travel packages as points?

Marriott Bonvoy announced in January (read more here) that it would immediately stop issuing new travel packages. Existing accounts, which are not in use or attached at the end of February, would be credited to members’ accounts as points (learn more here).

Now readers have contacted us or left messages saying that no points have been credited to accounts, certificates have been extended, and Marriott has edited their page to say credit will take place on March 1.

You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

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Messages from readers:

Marriott announced that it would deposit seven nights worth of maximum value points for the unused travel package hotel certificate, but instead Marriott only replaced it with another hotel certificate expiring June 30, valid for seven nights at maximum value. Can you comment on this?

I had a category 4 certificate, so I expected to get 210,000 points. But on March 1, my points balance remained the same and the old certificate became a new one and said good for a seven night stay up to 210,000 points and still expiring on June 30.


The conversion from certificates to points was such a fiasco that Marriott removed the March 1 conversion date FAQ at…. Note that it is now March 4 and the certificates have not been converted into points, and moreover, cannot be used for a new reservation. This is extremely problematic for anyone who had planned to use these points for redemption from March 1. Not only did Bonvoy mess this up, but they seem to be trying to cover it up by removing the FAQ!

I checked the FAQ we included in one of the articles, and it says:

After February 28, 2022, if a travel package award is not attached to a reservation, the travel package award will be automatically converted into Marriott Bonvoy® points on March 1, 2022, which will be deposited into the Marriott Bonvoy® account of the member.

There is no longer any mention of the date on the FAQ on which this deposit of points would take place. This is important for members who wish to use their points before the point devaluation takes place later this month:

Marriott Dynamic Award Pricing:

Spokesperson response:

We were in touch today with the Marriott spokesperson who told us about the travel package issue:

A technical issue has delayed us in issuing the refund as scheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please know that we are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


Yesterday we had an article about recent Marriott website issues (read more here) that resurfaced.

Hopefully Marriott can fix this travel package credit issue and have those points in members’ accounts long before dynamic pricing takes effect later this month. Many ambitious properties will require more points.