How to find the best Black Friday flight deals

BLACK Friday is a week away, which means your inbox will be flooded with emails about deals and offers for your upcoming vacation.

Skyscanner has come up with a few simple steps on how to sift through spam and find the best flight deals.


How to find the best Black Friday flight dealsCredit: Alamy

1. Search by month, not by day

If you already have a destination in mind but can be flexible on dates, this hack is for you.

By looking at an entire month instead of specific days, you can see when flights will be cheapest.

Once the airlines have released their Black Friday deals, the prices will appear alongside all the other flight options, so you can browse them quickly and grab the best deal.

2. Book flexible tickets

Although travel has become much easier in recent months, going on vacation can still be unpredictable.

By booking flexible tickets, you can easily make changes to your booking should the unexpected arise.

On that note, it’s definitely worth having travel insurance, as an extra way to protect your vacation.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if anything changes, you can get your trip back on track.

3. Know where you can go and what you need to get there

Keeping with the Covid theme, make sure you know exactly what documentation you need to enter your chosen vacation destination.

Proof of vaccinations, passenger locator forms and pre-booking Covid test kits are just some of the things you might need before you can board your flight.

Keeping up with ever-changing travel restrictions is tough, but it’s worth it to avoid long lines, stressful airport check-ins and the need to rebook flights.

Also worth keeping an eye out for government travel site for the latest information on what you need to do to ensure your vacation runs smoothly.

4. Not watching the clock

Skyscanner has a price alert feature on its website, so you don’t have to constantly check for price updates.

Most Black Friday deals won’t last long, so if you want to make sure you’re getting the best deals possible, set up flight alerts before the sales start.

Many airlines publish their prices in the days leading up to Black Friday, so don’t wait until D-Day to go hunting.

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Make the most of Black Friday deals with these tips


Make the most of Black Friday deals with these tipsCredit: Getty
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