How and when to find the best flight deals, according to Google

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Wondering how to score flight deals? Google has worked hard for you through five years of Data to reveal the cheapest days to travel, the best times to book flights and tips to ensure you get a bargain. According to the tech giant, the search query “cheapest plane tickets increased by more than 240% from April to August 2022. Likewise, people are looking for the best times to book flights and the best ways to find cheap flights. Google took note and presented its best answers based on data collected over the past five years.

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Best days to book and fly

Best days to book

Travelers may have heard from friends or family that booking flights on a Tuesday will get them the best fares. This “advice” has become so ingrained in the minds of travelers that it has become a widespread belief. However, Google has found that it doesn’t really matter what day of the week you decide to book flights.

They found that booking a flight on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday only saved about 1.9% compared to booking on the weekend. Whereas it is slightly cheaper, it may be best to go ahead and secure your flight as soon as you make your plans a reality.

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Best days to fly

According to Google, the cheapest days of the week to fly are the first days of the week. Flying on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is about 12% cheaper than weekend flights. This figure takes into account domestic and international flights. Savings closer to 20% can be found if you only consider domestic flights. It can be difficult to make it work if your travel dates are fixed, but if you can be flexible with your departure date, you can often save a lot of money on a flight.

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How far to book your flights

One of the most interesting insights from Google is how many days before your scheduled travel date you should book your flights for the most savings. With five years of data to back up their findings, you can be sure these guidelines will increase your budget when booking flights.

For the holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, so this trick might come in handy soon! For Thanksgiving flights within the United States, the cheapest time to book is 36-74 days before your departure date. The lowest flight prices are in the middle, 52 days before departure.

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For Christmas flights to the United States, prices are lower between 20 and 88 days before your departure date, and the lowest prices have always been 22 days before your scheduled travel date. It may be a little too close for the comfort of many travelers. With many US airlines slashing their fall and winter schedules this year, it might be a good idea to go ahead and book as soon as possible.

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For travel in Europe

Planning ahead will definitely save you money when traveling to Europe from the United States. Based on the past five years, the best times to book were between 50 and 179 days before departure. The cheapest flights will usually be 129 days before your departure date.

For the Caribbean and Mexico

Although you don’t have to plan as much as you would for a trip to Europe, it still pays to plan early when traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean. The cheapest tickets will be found when you book 59 days before your departure date, and prices are lowest between 37 and 87 days.

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For spring break

Those looking to get away for spring break don’t have to plan too far in advance. For any trip starting in March or April, the cheapest time to book is between 23 and 59 days in advance. For maximum savings, book 38 days in advance.

For summer flights

Summer is ideal for those who don’t want to plan very far in advance and offers the most savings 21 days before departure for trips starting in July or August. Prices are cheap between 14 and 44 days before your departure date.


More ways to save, according to Google

  • A stopover does not bother you? According to Google, you can save 20% on flights by taking a one-stop route compared to a nonstop flight.
  • Check if the prices are typical. Google’s price information will let you know if the prices you’re looking at are good or not compared to the prices of the last 12 months.
  • Track prices with Google Flights to receive emails about price drops.

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