Hosting a party for your study group: 5 tips

The people who attend your Bible study can quickly become your most trusted friends. Together you seek God, ask tough questions, and practice accountability. You build deep relationships through honest conversations, words of encouragement, and prayers for each other. You grow up and experience life’s ups and downs together.

Friendships like this are rare and worth celebrating. Although every Bible study meeting can feel like a party, there’s no reason you shouldn’t celebrate God’s blessing with a special occasion. Here are five tips for hosting a party for your study group.

1. Choose a theme

Your party doesn’t need a strict theme to be fun. However, themes help you coordinate details like food, activities, and decor. They make your decisions easier and help you organize a smooth event. You can choose a theme by asking what you want your main activity to be.

Do you want to go to an amusement park? Your group could take a road trip, chat around a campfire, or climb a mountain to observe the stars. Work backwards from your business to find a theme that’s both fabulous and functional. Once you have the theme, you can organize the decor, invitations, and other important details.

2. Think about food

Whatever you choose to do, you can be sure your study group will be hungry! The next step in party planning is deciding what food to serve. You can order a caterer, make the food yourself or ask your friends to bring their favorite meal potluck style. To keep track of what’s coming up, ask members to add their dishes to a Google Doc.

Food is a fun opportunity to amp up your theme. For example, eating around a campfire is very different from an elegant dinner party you throw to celebrate a year of dating. Be sure to check with members for any food allergies before planning your menu. Incorporate plenty of desserts and snacks and check with your party before including alcohol.

3. Plan something special

To make this event stand out from your usual gatherings, plan something special. You can organize a fireworks display in a particularly beautiful location. Remember, this event doesn’t have to be expensive to stand out, just make sure you do a little research first.

Think about what would be most memorable. What could you do that is unusual, unexpected or exciting? You can also choose something that you know a specific group member has always wanted to experience. Their happiness will spill over to everyone and can turn a simple event into something truly special.

4. Include worship time

It wouldn’t be a real party without some quality worship time. The cult is much wider than the edge – is choosing to focus on God’s goodness and then expressing gratitude to Him. Spending time in worship brings you closer to God and to each other. As described in the book of Revelation, worship is the ultimate party activity.

Consider playing a worship playlist, hiking to a great view, or singing hymns around the campfire during your group party. You can also make a thankful tree or sing acapella during your hike. Whatever you choose to do, take time to express your gratitude to God and focus on His goodness.

5. Honor your members

In Romans 12:20, Paul writes, “Love one another with brotherly affection. Besides each other in honor.” You can use this holiday as an opportunity to honor each friend you have made and the new members who have just joined you. Take the time to acknowledge and celebrate each member as a way of honoring them.

Love is supposed to be the defining attribute of Christian friendships. Some people feel most loved by acts of service, while others appreciate gifts or words of affirmation. Do your best to make every member feel seen and valued during this party. You must also give them the opportunity to join in honoring each other.

Build each other up

Hosting a party is a great way to celebrate what God is doing through your Bible study group. You can use this event as an excuse to honor each other and remember how good God is. The holidays are also a time to kick things up a notch and have even more fun than usual.

Use these tips to plan a memorable event that your group will talk about for years. Things can change quickly, so it’s important to celebrate each season as you experience it. A party is an opportunity for your group to mark this special time in your life with some quality time together.