Hollywood Stylist Karla Welch Shares Her Top Tips for Dressing in Spring

A stylist in demand, Karla Welch has worked with a long list of famous faces – you name them, she’s dressed them, from Justin Beiber to Tracee Ellis Ross. And thanks to her app, Wishi, she brings all the style magic to everyone’s wardrobe.

While you check out the app, Welch shared her top tips for dressing up, whether it’s a casual Friday or at the airport.

Work clothes

Get organized: When it comes to workwear, organization is key! Save time in the morning by planning your week of outfits in advance!

Reporting your parts is ok: An easy way to change up your look is to add a layer or a trendy accessory! For example, add a camel blazer to your button-up and striped pants look, and the next time you wear the look, replace the pants with a skirt!

Compose your kit of essentials: Accidents at work happen, so be prepared with anti-wrinkle sprays, laundry detergent wipes and pens to always look polished!

Your new BFF? Your tailor! : A small investment that makes all the difference is tailor-made! Getting clothes that fit your body and not the other way around is the way to go! Having a professional fit items to your unique measurements will be the addiction you didn’t know you needed!

Play with color combinations: Monochromatic and tonal clothing is such a fun way to elevate your vibe and add interest to a classic look. You can also opt for an unexpected color combination like navy and black or brown and black for maximum impact!


How to look dashing and feel dashing all night long? Here are some tips on how to feel good about your evening.

Make sure the dress fits you: Your tailor AKA your best friend should be your go-to in an emergency. Always remember that you wear the dress, the dress doesn’t wear you.

Color is another key element for an evening ensemble: I believe in making sure that whatever color you wear compliments your skin tone. You don’t want to wear something that’s going to wash you down, but something that’s going to show you off.

Dress sexy without looking cheap: Your attire represents you, your personality and the way you carry yourself. Dress to impress and dress like it’s your party.

Always come prepared: Whether it’s gum, dry shampoo or a tampon, never forget your ladies essentials.

Feel good: Make sure you feel good in whatever you wear because it will always show in your mood and carry you through the night.

Casual Friday

To show creativity: For casual Fridays, you can get a little creative! As long as you still look appropriate for the office. Everyone’s office environment is different, so get a feel for the vibe before you take any chances. A pair of long shorts, a matching oversized blazer and a simple white tank top are a unique and modern way to make Fridays casual yet professional!

“Casual” Doesn’t Always Mean Jeans: You can create an equally comfortable and relaxed look through unstructured fabrics and silhouettes like linens and knits.

Neutrals: Take a spin on neutrals with bold, but not loud, patterns and prints.

Shoe: Loafers are an office staple, no matter what you’re doing. Dress them up a bit with white socks. And we all know those invisible socks are useless…so this is the perfect alternative.

Accessories: Wearing a lot of jewelry all day can get tricky. Layer on a few simple chain necklaces, a matching ring and opt for a statement earring. Try a pair of mismatched earrings for a contemporary touch!

Small bags: A small tote is a Friday staple. The Balenciaga Mini Neo Leather Satchel is the perfect size for bringing your snacks, but carrying it to happy hour straight from work. Get a bag in an understated color like gray blue; it can act as a neutral just as much as beige or black.

From day to night

Packing light doesn’t mean you can’t have it all: Having a few basic pieces that you can dress up or disguise depending on the occasion is key to maximizing your suitcase.

Keep it simple: Keep accessories simple during the day. Let your hat and sunglasses do the talking. At night, your classic hoops are a stylish way to dress up for dinner.

Accent colors: Color can be intimidating to play with, so a great way to incorporate it into your next look is with a trendy bag and shoe. Only a few minor adjustments are needed to take your bodycon dress from sunrise to sunset. Replace your nude slides with a heeled sandal with a pop of color.

Thin layers: Layering doesn’t need to be reserved for colder seasons, adding a silk duster to your look can help take a simple dress from day to night while giving your outfit more depth .

Accessories and FPS: Having fun in the sun doesn’t have to damage your skin! No summer day would be complete without sunglasses and a hat. Lather up with your highest SPF during the day and get the glow you want at night using your favorite self-tanning wipes. When playing with color, don’t overdo jewelry. Let the color speak for itself.

airport look

Sstyle and comfort: Traveling in comfort doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. Wide-leg cargo pants, an oversized bomber jacket, and sheepskin slip-on shoes can all add some oomph to the airport athleisure look.

Black and white: Keep it monochromatic so the whole outfit feels cohesive and put together.

Layer up: Layering is essential when traveling. The cardigan and the bomber are easy to put on and take off (safety-wise). You can layer the cardigan over the tank top or tie it around your shoulders.

Shoe: The sheepskin slip-on shoes will allow you to easily remove them at security and exchange them for comfortable and warm socks on the plane.

Accessorize smartly: While simple yet bold gold jewelry makes the outfit more refined, adding a watch can elevate the look and ensure you don’t miss your flight. A cool baseball cap and sunglasses will give the outfit that off-duty model edginess.

Cargo pants are an essential: Cargo pants are not only chic but practical. Since it has so many pockets, when you need to store or quickly reach essentials like your boarding pass, cell phone or AirPods.

Flight essentials: Eye mask for a good rest on the plane and moisturizing mist to keep your skin hydrated during and after the flight.

For more tips, visit wishi.me.