Get the best flight deals

With spring break just weeks away and summer closing, you might be planning a trip.

How about getting a round trip flight from Phoenix to Colombia for $296, or a round trip to Barcelona for $371?

Willis Orlando says he’s found those deals in just the past two weeks.

Orlando is with Scott’s Cheap Flights.

It’s an email subscription service promising to find personalized domestic and international flights that are 40% to 90% off average fares.

There are free and paid plans.

Orlando says you need to act fast to get the best deals.

He says those round trips to Colombia and Barcelona for less than $400 had gone up to more than $700 in just a day or two.

Orlando joined us for a abc15/Let Joe Know Facebook Live answer your travel questions.

He says some coronavirus rules are being relaxed around the world.

But most places still require a vaccine or a negative coronavirus test result and depending on the country there are still restrictions.

“Their rules on the ground are a bit stricter. You can’t eat inside without a green pass, so think twice about going if you’re not vaccinated,” says -he.

Before booking a trip out of the country, go to US State Department website and check if your destination has any travel warnings or advice.

To get the best flight deals, Orlando advises flying on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

It also says to be flexible with your days and times.

And if it’s an international flight, consider flying it out of a city with better international fares.

“If you’re in Arizona, consider taking a small flight. We’ve seen $90 roundtrip flights from Phoenix to San Francisco this week. San Francisco has some amazing deals. So you transfer those (prices) to a international flight, you’re still going to save a few hundred dollars,” says Orlando.

He says if you find any of these great rates inside or outside the United States, don’t wait.

“Under federal law, you have a full day to get a full cash refund. So book it and ask your wife. Book it and ask your friends about it,” he says. .

See the 24-hour cancellation rule and other travel rights.

However, if you are planning a trip to Mexico, COVID may be a concern. There have also been notices of violence in some areas.