Genshin Impact Rukkashava Mushroom Locations & Rukkashava Farming Tips

Genshin Impact Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations are a bit difficult to find and fit into a proper agricultural itinerary. Rukkhashava Mushroom is a local Sumeru specialty and is reminiscent of Genshin Impact 3.0’s version of Violetgrass. They’re found in remote places around the region, sometimes in clusters of very few mushrooms, but you need Rukkhashava Mushroom to do more than just max out your Collei build. In addition to being an ascension material, mushrooms appear in several Sumeru recipes, so plan on doing quite a bit of Rukkhashava mushroom farming while you’re in Sumeru.

What is the Rukkhashava mushroom for in Genshin Impact?

The Rukkhashava mushroom is primarily a Collei Climbing Gear. Like other local specialty ascension materials, you need 168 Rukkhashava Mushrooms to get it to level 90 and max out your Collei build, so expect to go through these farm roads a few times.

Even if you don’t use Collei, you might want to stock up on mushrooms to cook Sumeru. Mushrooms appear in:

  • Mixed mushrooms
  • Forest Watcher’s Choice
  • potato boat
  • Tandoori Roast Chicken

Genshin Impact Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations

Rukkhashava Mushroom sites are basically confined to the four corners of Sumeru. Most require prep work for easy farming. Most of the mushrooms in northern Mawtiyima Forest are easier to get if you’ve activated the Leaf Seals there first, and the same goes for the underground Devantaka mushrooms.

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations in Mawtiyima Forest

The mushrooms in the southern part of the forest are mostly on the ground, with a few in the underground path leading to the Electro Regisvine. The Rukkhashava mushrooms in the northern section are mostly found under the blue caps of the giant tree-like mushrooms.

Not shown on HoYoverse’s interactive map is a small group of mushrooms under the hill with the tower, which we’ve marked with the giant red circle.

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations in Devantaka Mountain

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations: A map showing Rukkhashava locations in Devantaka

These are all underground and you can take the path next to the giant robot to start. Be sure to activate Leaf Sigils the first time you visit to make future farming trips easier.

Rukkhashava mushroom locations in Vanarana

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations: A map showing Rukkhashava locations in eastern Vanarana

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations: A map showing Rukkhashava locations in Vanarana

Vanarana has a few small clusters scattered around the place. The two to the east are above ground. The western ones are in a cave under the hill.

The southern group is underground along the path you take to unlock the Inverted Dream Jungle Domain.

Far to the west near the desert is a small, deep cave with two more mushrooms at the bottom. A Rukkhashava Mushroom can also be found outside the Jadeplume Terrorshroom arena.

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations in Apam Woods

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations: A map showing Rukkhashava locations in Eastern Apam Forest

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations: A map showing Rukkhashava locations in the Western Apam Woods

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations: A map showing Rukkhashava locations near Apam Woods

Apam Woods has two large clusters of Rukkhashava mushrooms, with two single mushrooms in between and more underground, in a cave east of the entrance to the Pride Tower estate.

Other Rukkhashava Mushroom Sites

You can buy five Rukkhashava mushrooms from Farbod in Gandharva Town, and there is one under Gandha Hill. Follow the cave north of Gandharva Town to reach this one.

Rukkhashava Tips for growing mushrooms

Growing these mushrooms takes longer than growing most materials, so keep that in mind when deciding to go foraging. Like other Local Specialties, these take two actual days to respawn, and unlike some Local Specialties, you cannot grow them yourself in the Sereniea pot.

Cultivation of Rukkhashava mushrooms in Mawtiyima forest

Start at the Forest Seven Statue and head north picking up the mushrooms on the ground. Most of those on the ground are near larger blue mushrooms.

Teleport to the northwest waypoint, drop down and pick up the ‘mushrooms’ at ground level, then use the leaf seals to get some elevation and make it easier to collect the Rukkhashava mushrooms on top of the giant stems.

Teleport to the southwest waypoint, drop down and enter the cave. You’ll find a handful of mushrooms under the cliff with the tower at the end of the path.

Rukkhashava Mushroom cultivation in Devantaka

Teleport to the southeast waypoint overlooking Port Ormos and enter the cave near the giant robot. The Rukkhashava mushrooms here are all above ground level, on the moss-covered rock platforms suspended throughout the cavern. Use Leaf Seals to facilitate crossing.

Cultivation of Rukkhashava mushrooms in the Apam forest

Most of the mushrooms on the west bank are around the waypoint, although there is one at the base of the tree. Check around the waypoint itself and the platforms around it, then use the mushroom to reach the upper platform, where you’ll find another Rukkhashava near a Dendrogranum. Drop down to the platform in front of you to find half a dozen Rukkhashava and two more on a smaller platform nearby.

Teleport to the southeast waypoint of Apam Woods and collect the mushrooms around the marker. Use the mushroom to gain height, but instead of climbing the trunk, slide down and land on the platform. Collect the Rukkhashava Mushrooms and use the Leaf Seal nearby to get one more a bit further.

Teleport to this waypoint, use the mushroom again and go between the trunk and the branch. Use the Leaf Sigil to move to the tree further, then start picking the Rukkhashava mushroom and keep climbing higher.

Rukkhashava Mushroom cultivation in Vanarana

Terrorshroom and western spots are pretty simple. Simply go to the location and collect the “mushrooms”. The central ones are a bit trickier. For the eastern Rukkhashava mushroom, teleport to the eastern waypoint and climb the hollowed out log. Both mushrooms are inside. Enter the cave and follow it to the other side of the hill to grab the other one. It takes a while, so if you have characters that reduce stamina consumption, it might be worth adding them to your party.

Be sure to grab the Seelie while you’re there the first time. His court is on the other side of the impassable branches.

If you’re wondering how to fit the new archer Dendro into your squad setup, check out our recommendations for the best Team Collei comps. Also keep a thought for upcoming Genshin Impact characters to see how they might fit in, and be sure to redeem all active Genshin Impact codes, because everyone loves freebies.