Gatwick Airport parking, baggage and drop-off tips from the top insiders

Gatwick – like many other UK airports – has recently been plagued with problems, with long queues, delays and disruptions.

However, a list of practical tips has been compiled by the international airport’s top insiders – its police officers. The caring Gatwick Airport Police have taken the time to compile a handy list of tips that might help you get through the airport without a hitch.

They posted the advice on social media and the advice covers everything from parking and luggage to drop off advice and Covid requirements. The police said:

  1. If you intend to park your car at or near the airport, please research options and use a reputable company. We are hearing of a number of issues with some businesses lately, including significant delays in returning cars

  2. When planning your trip to the airport, please allow yourself plenty of time. Before leaving home, check the travel information to avoid delays in arriving at the airport.

  3. Check which terminal you are coming from as the south terminal is fully operational again

  4. Before packing your carry-on and/or checked baggage, please check the airline and Gatwick airport websites to check what items can and cannot be carried on board the aircraft. Prohibited items may cause delays in your trip.

  5. If you plan to do certain activities upon arrival at your destination and intend to bring certain items such as spearfishing equipment, it is essential that you contact your airline at least seven days before to discuss safe transport of items.

  6. When packing, please check what’s in your bag before filling it! We often see items such as DIY tools and scissors that have been left in bags before being packed. This will cause delays when going through security.

    Common sense and courtesy are two musts when it comes to airport etiquette, otherwise you could be in trouble.

  7. Please keep all your baggage with you at all times at the airport. Unattended baggage may cause delays. If you spot unattended baggage, please report it to a member of staff.

  8. If you are dropping off people, please do not stop on the red routes. On-site parking lots are available, including free limited-time parking in certain areas.

  9. We want you to enjoy your time at the airport, but remember that aircraft staff will check your fitness to fly at the gate – if you’re intoxicated you may be barred to fly.

    The message is clear and simple: it is an offense to be on an airplane while intoxicated.
    The message is clear and simple: it is an offense to be on an airplane while intoxicated.

  10. Some destinations still have Covid entry requirements in place – please check the Department of Foreign Affairs website for specific details to ensure you are able to travel.

Officers sign off with a final message: “Please respect all airport staff. They work hard to make your journey through the airport as easy as possible. Abuse or assault of staff will never be tolerated.”

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