Fort Myers Tip-Off Travel Packages On Sale Now

Dear Pirate Blue Members and Male Basketball Fans,

Pirate Blue is pleased to announce that, in conjunction with the Fort Myers Tip-Off, travel packages are now available on Currently, purchasing a travel package through the Fort Myers Tip-Off is the only way to secure tickets to the Seton Hall men’s basketball games which are scheduled for November 22-24 at the Suncoast Credit Union Arena. Ticket-only packages, subject to availability, will be available this fall. Be sure to visit the Fort Myers Whistleblower Website for updates on tickets.

Regardless of the travel package, Pirate Blue will be offering their own pack which includes a pre-match event before each Seton Hall match as well as an exclusive Under Armor gear pack. Information on prices and event locations will be available shortly. This must be purchased separately from any travel package or ticket purchase offered through the official website of the Fort Myers whistleblower.

Please contact Michael engemann at 973-275-6445 or [email protected] with any questions or to express your interest in the Pirate Blue pre-game receptions and the exclusive equipment pack.

How do I purchase a Tip-Off Travel Package in Fort Myers?

How do I purchase Fort Myers Tip-Off tickets?

What is included in the Pirate Blue Pack?

  • The Pirate Blue Pack will include admission to a pre-match event on November 22-24, as well as an exclusive Under Armor Gear Pack. Travel and tickets are NOT included in this package.