Flight deals: how to save money on your next trip

Experts share how they find the best deals.

TAMPA, Florida – Spring break season is here! You may have noticed all the extra traffic directed to the beaches over the weekend.

While many people come to Tampa Bay to vacation, those of us who live here all the time may be looking for a getaway. The good news is that there are deals to be had, but you might have to sacrifice some comfort to get where you want to go.

Airports are busy as more people feel more comfortable traveling amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to International Air Transport Association, airports expect to see 150% more passengers than last year. We spoke to a few experts to find out how you can get the best deals.

Discover the Blinks family. Mom Diana is a family travel content creator. While their home is in Tampa, Diana says traveling is their reason for living. “We came up with the idea of ​​22 trips in 2022.”

They have already had their first adventure in Costa Rica. “Not all of them will be great trips around the world,” she said.

But when you’ve planned so many trips, it can get expensive. And Diana has some money-saving secrets.

“My best hack for finding great trips is to just be flexible about when you’re going to travel and where you’re going,” she said.

Kyle Potter is the editor of Thrifty traveler and he accepts.

“Go to a site like Google Flights which lets you look at a calendar and you can kind of go day by day and see if I’m leaving on a Tuesday instead of a Monday, I can save a hundred dollars on my flight ticket. plane,” he said.

Next, Diana says to try to buy your tickets in advance at the actual airport.

“This hack usually works best with discount airlines. So I found the flights I wanted to take on Google flights. And then I went to the airport and said ‘I’d like to buy this flight , how much does it cost ?’ I showed them the exact flight I wanted and they said yes that’s how much and it ended up being about $400 less.

However, Kyle says to set your expectations if you’re flying a low-cost airline. These additional charges can add up. “Do the math. To go through that payment process on that cheap flight on Spirit or Frontier or whatever airline, and add everything you need to fly.”

Diana and her family have also mastered the art of traveling light! “We went to Europe for five weeks, with just a backpack each, my family of five, and it saves a lot of money because baggage fees can get really expensive.”

And Kyle says maybe it’s time to take that trip you’ve been dreaming of. “It’s an amazing time for people who are looking for a bargain and I just don’t know how long it’s going to last.”

Diana has a rule of thumb when it comes to flying on a budget airline. If the flight is longer than three hours, they will splurge and take regular airlines. The seats are generally more comfortable and you get a bit more space.

Diana shares her family’s adventures and her travel tips instagram and ICT Tac pages.