Don’t miss these cheap flight deals to Puerto Rico

Scott’s Cheap Flights (SCF) – an email subscription service that constantly monitors airfare and sends the best flight deals straight to its members’ inboxes – has seen some great travel deals appear. from the continental United States to exotic Puerto Rico.

Low-cost, limited-time fares, ranging from 50 to 72 percent off regular fares, are available aboard American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and JetBlue, according to analysts at the site.


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Note that the cheapest fares don’t include full-size carry-on baggage, so you’ll have to pay $ 40 round trip if you want more storage and $ 60 round trip for each piece of checked baggage. Still, with round-trip airline ticket prices like these, even adding such extras doesn’t present much of a problem.

The site’s Flight Experts predict that these ridiculously low fares will only last for the next two to three days, so you’ll want to grab those deals immediately.

Examples of round-trip fares to Puerto Rico, now available to more than two million SCF members, include flights from these major cities:

– Newark: $ 124 (72% reduction)

—Miami: $ 139 (69% reduction)

– Pittsburgh: $ 157 (69% reduction)

—Austin: $ 200 (60% reduction)

– Phoenix: $ 215 (57% reduction)

—Atlanta: $ 216 (55% reduction)

– Nashville: $ 249 (50% reduction)

For an annual membership fee of $ 49, Premium Members of SCF enjoy incredible and exceptional airfares that can be reduced up to 90% of their regular price. Those looking for incredible deals on Premium Business, First Class and Economy seating can choose SCF’s Premier Elite Membership for $ 199 per year.

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