Derrick Kinney’s 3 tips for getting the raise you deserve now

Corn Derrick Kinney think you shouldt have to settle for a 4% raise who wont even keep pace with inflation. He says thereIt’s a better bang for your buck today – one you and your boss will love.

Kinney often hears about people who feel like they are on the wrong track financially and will never catch up. No, you have a choice. ThisIt’s in your power to change your financial reality, to make more money. It starts by asking you, How much money do you want to earn? What income reflects how you feelworth?”

In his soon-to-be-released book, Good Money Revolution, Kinney shares three tips for getting the raise you deserve now:

Tip 1: Add value to grow your businesss income.

Whatever you get paid right now is what the economy says you are worth right now. Thisit is neither fair nor just, but it isreality. When you add value to the business, your value increases. If you want more than the 4% cost-of-living increase everyone gets, ask your boss for more responsibility (and nail him!), find ways to increase sales, cut expenses or to obtain a new certification or a new diploma.

Debbie wanted to make more money, but she didn’t.t have bonus or commission potential. So she discovered the companys sales targets and compensation structure. She asked the CEO, If I get advanced certification and can demonstrate how it would help the company make more money, can I earn a raise? “It was not only, I want more money”, but If I do this and help the company make more money, can I get some of it?” Then Debbie said to the CEO: While talking with our sales people, I realized that we needed to know other business owners who could use what our company produces. How about giving me a finder’s fee and other employees who refer business to the sales department?” The CEO agreed to give him a $5,000 salary increase at the end of the advanced certification and referral fees if a member of his team produces a lead who becomes a client.

Tip 2: Treat your work as if you were an entrepreneur.

To start, ask yourself: How can I increase sales, increase productivity, or help make our businessis the product or service better? » Proactively approach your boss with a list of ways you think the company you work for could make more money. Then with your bosss buy-in, take action on them. When you start thinking like an entrepreneur, youlearn skills that will propel you higher in the company you currently work for.

Tip 3: Start a side business.

One thing the past two years have taught us is that many people are one world away from losing their jobs or being forced into a pay cut. If you feel stuck in a fixed salary job like a teacher, police officer or firefighter or youIf you work in a field based solely on seniority or a set pay scale, what can you do? If youIf you’re unhappy with your salary and your opportunities for promotion are limited, a side hustle may be your only route to more money.

What common problems do people ask you to help them solve now? Or is there an interest you have that would be easy to start earning money for?

Sheila and Dan loved to travel. As more and more friends asked them for travel planning advice, a part-time travel business was born. By working lunch breaks, evenings and weekends, Sheila and Dan help others see the world and fill their retirement fund with the fees they charge.

There are unlimited side hustles – brainstorm, get creative and chase something youre good at. Identify a need and satisfy it. Your goal? Let your side business become your main income and have fun doing it.

Derrick Kinney changes your perception of money. He thinks money isn’t bad and good people should have more of it. As CEO of Good Money Framework and host of the popular Good Money podcast, Kinney visits influential business leaders and thought leaders to inspire people to earn more money and use it for more. Well. Known for making complex financial topics easy to understand, Kinney is a sought-after guest on local and national media where he has been interviewed on CNBC, FOX News, CNN, FOX Business, PBS, Cheddar News and Wall Street Journal, among others.

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