DEALS: Business class flight deals complement each other, including to the US, Fiji and Dubai


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With extremely high prices for flights from the UK to the US and restrictions on many European countries falling, it might be worth considering a non-EU flight to potentially save thousands of pounds. Dublin is usually the easier choice due to arriving as a domestic passenger on your return and the frequency and cost of flights to the location.

A few things to consider:

  • There could be another variant that would change things again in the short term
  • Do you book within the airline window with confidence?
  • Do you have checked baggage? This can be a problem if you plan to make a back-to-back or quick change onto another flight back to London. You will need to collect your baggage and check it in again as the positioning flight is a separate ticket. Then, at Heathrow, you will need to check in your baggage again. Sometimes check-in allows you to check in for Heathrow to a long-haul destination, but that’s not a given. Building an overnight stopover at Heathrow or the starting point can help.
  • Can you cope with schedule changes?

If that all sounds doable, here are some of the current offers for business class return flights available from non-UK airports:

  • Madrid or Barcelona on British Airways or American Airlines to:
    • San Francisco £1256
    • LA £1276
    • Las Vegas £1568
    • New York £1208 (Iberia only)
    • Montreal £1241
    • Chicago£1265
    • Miami £1246
    • Buenos Aires £1645 (Iberia only)
    • Bogota £1228 (Iberia only)

Honolulu Hawaii. Waikiki Beach and the Honolulu Skyline.

  • Amsterdam to:
    • Fiji £2632 on Finnair and Fiji (Oneworld)
    • Bangkok £1005 Finnair
    • Honolulu on British Airways – connections are very tight on permitted flights and you would struggle with your luggage. The next fare is £2100 which is not bad and has better connections available. However, it might be worth considering a BA Holidays two-tier trip from London, which can earn you 1120 tier points in a single trip. (I booked one!)
  • Dublin on British Airways and/or American Airlines to
    • Vancouver £1191
    • San Francisco £1132
    • Seattle £1360
    • New York £1,061
    • Miami £1084
    • Cancun £1089
    • Mexico £1084
    • Dubai £1173

From Great Britain

Catania with Etna behind it

London to:

If you’re looking for a Club Europe short haul, here are some of the best value suggestions with British Airways (160 TP returns in bold) over the next 6 months:

  • Catania (Sicily) £243 (short break guide here)
  • Athens £330
  • Sofia 223 €
  • Istanbul 349 €
  • Venice 206 €
  • Cagliari 231 €
  • Geneva £240
  • Toulouse 194 €
  • Burgundy 222 €
  • Brussels £185
  • Munich £250 (short break guide here)
  • Prague 193 €
  • Budapest £275
  • Vienna £200
  • Warsaw 198 €
  • Hamburg £185
  • Amsterdam £199
  • Jersey £215 (guide here)
  • Luxembourg £145 (guide here)
  • Belfort 178 €
  • Dublin 187 €
  • Edinburgh €172

You can find the dates with the cheapest flights on this page.