Beginner Tips and Tricks for Dome Keeper

Dome Keeper is an indie tower defense roguelike where you split your time between mining materials and battling waves of aliens, with some basic management vis-à-vis improving your defenses and your mining capabilities.

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Although the game is simple to pick up, start, and even get immersed in – so much so that hours can pass without you noticing it, the game doesn’t go very far in explaining its mechanics. For the most part, that’s fine, since the game runs smoothly. However, this does not exactly explain the mechanics to you. So if you want to be a miner master or at least avoid some pitfalls that might just cause your dome to smash into shards of glass, here are some things you need to know before you start Dome Keeper.


7/7 Better to come home early than late

One of the first upgrades you should buy is the Hostile Proximity Meter, because if you don’t, the only warning you’ll get of approaching enemies is a flashing enemy icon when they attack. already. Upgrading allows you to better plan your dives and make the most of your time before returning home to defend yourself.

That being said, you shouldn’t wait for the meter to empty and the enemy icon to start flashing to return home, especially if you’re more than a few blocks away. When this meter starts to drop, go home and wait in battle mode until the wave comes. Better to waste some time mining if it means not taking free hits as the chances of healing are limited and valuable.

6/7 Don’t neglect your weaponry

While it can be tempting to go all out on buffing your Guardian or mining devices, keep in mind that your weapon is your primary defense against enemy hordes and staying alive.

Although you want to maintain a good balance between the mining and defensive aspects of the game, it is essential in the early to mid game to increase the movement speed and power of the Laser and Slice, while improving the abilities of Stab on the second level sword quickly. If you invest in these upgrades, you can use them for a while, while increasing your mining abilities, then go back and finish upgrading your weapons later.

5/7 Cobalt is mainly used for healing

The mineral Cobalt, which for some reason is magenta instead of the expected blue, is a rare mineral and one of the few reliable healing methods in the game. Cobalt is also used to gain defensive upgrades for the Dome, either damage mitigation or emergency health regeneration for the Laser and Sword Dome, respectively.

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However, outside of these two uses, Cobalt does not feature in any other upgrades or features (unless you are in Prestige Mode). So once you have both tiers of defensive buffs, feel free to use cobalt to heal to full health, as you won’t have any other uses for it otherwise.

4/7 You need the reflection upgrade for the sword

The best offense is a good defense, a maxim that applies especially to the Sword Dome. You might think your primary means of dispatching enemies at range is the Ranged Stab ability, but you’ll quickly find that unless you’ve maxed out Stab, or are using it in tandem with the repulsor’s debilitating fog ability, it’s not quite adequate to repel a ranged assault.

However, even a single level of the Reflection upgrade will allow you to bounce off most ranged attacks like deadly tennis balls, with a high chance of killing whoever fired them. Just keep in mind that it won’t reflect flesh globs or lightning strikes produced by certain enemies.

3/7 The sword turns white when it lights up

When you want to hit enemies in melee with the sword, you do so by moving the sword around the dome to hit them. The distance the sword travels affects the amount of damage it deals when it comes into contact with an enemy, gaining more damage the further it moves.

That’s the basics, but if you want a more accurate measure of how hard you’re about to strike, look at the sword. As it moves and gains power, it will glow white, reaching its maximum power when opaque. This is especially useful when you have some upgrades on the sword, as you’ll find that you actually need to move less to reach maximum power, and you can better determine the minimum movement needed for maximum damage.

2/7 You can upgrade gadgets

It’s not clearly defined for you, but those nifty gadgets you find in the mines – Drillbert, Stun Laser, Lift, etc. – are not only very useful, but you can also upgrade them to be more efficient.

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Simply scroll through the basics to the upgrade menu to power up your gadgets, usually with a combination of water and iron, and take them from good to great.

1/7 Number of relic switches depends on map size

Since even at the lowest difficulty and map size, Dome Keeper is not child’s play, you won’t find out for a while, but: the bigger the map, the more you need to switches to unlock the artifact before you can take it home.

So if the artifact is inaccessible after two switches, you need to find more. There is usually one additional switch per board size above the first.

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