Angry Birds Getting Started Guide — Tips and Tricks for Beginner Bird Throwers

The original Angry Birds is back, now as a modern version of Unity. Rovio has remade one of the best Android games using a premium monetization model. Thanks to this decision, you can access the full title for $0.99. Nostalgia is always a strong draw, and Rovio made sure the classic was as good as the original while modernizing the game’s graphics, which is why it’s a great remake worth revisiting.

If you’ve never played the original, Rovio Classic: Angry Birds is a fantastic place to start. It is full of content offering eight episodes of Angry Birds from the 2012 version. The principle of the game is quite simple. Hordes of evil pigs are after your precious eggs, so it’s up to an army of birds to stop them! Each level is a puzzle where you launch these birds from a slingshot in an effort to topple buildings that have evil pigs nesting in them, leaving you with plenty of ways to solve these puzzles. The levels are completed once you have eliminated all the bad guys.


Of course, if you still don’t know how to approach the game and its many levels, Android Police is here to point you in the right direction with some useful tips and tricks.

Tips and tricks

Learn the unique traits of each bird

The Angry Birds deploy on each level by throwing them. You have no control over which ones you use; you will need to plan how to maximize each bird’s potential based on its strengths.

  • Red: The mascot of this game. A bird of red color which does not offer any specialty.
  • The Blues: A small blue-colored bird that pushes three birds while tapping in the air. Best used against glass material.
  • Mandrel: A yellow-colored bird that accelerates in the air after tapping. Best used against wood.
  • Bomb: A black round bird that explodes when tapped (or explodes after a certain time). Best used against stone materials.
  • Matilda: A white bird that drops bomb eggs after tapping the bird in the air. Ideal for cleaning against pigs that are out of reach.
  • Hal: A green toucan bird that comes back like a boomerang after kicking in the air. Best used for reciprocating for extra collision in a puzzle.
  • Terence: A big red bird that can easily break blocks.
  • Bubbles: An orange-colored bird inflates like a giant balloon after kicking in the air. Great for colliding with wooden materials, getting into tighter spaces, then using inflation to cause more destruction.
  • Stella: A pink-colored bird that uses bubbles to lift enemies and equipment near it. Tap before collision to generate a bubble, or wait a few seconds after impact.

The size of the bird matters. Heavier birds travel less distance than smaller birds; physics does play a role. The movement speed of larger birds is traded for greater impact damage against objects (Terence is a great example). Due to Bubbles’ small size, he can travel long distances, but you can alter his weight using his inflation mechanism, slowing him down considerably.

Play the angles

Changing your angle just by a ribbon can result in a whole new course for your hanging birds. It takes a lot of trial and error to figure out the best angles for each approach. Be careful, it will not be easy to reproduce the same angles. Pay attention to the last trajectory path of the slingshot. Always use it as a guidepost to readapt to your next path.

Previous slingshot path featured in the classic Angry Birds screenshot

Generally, steeper slingshot angles will give you tons of lift, and shallower angles will propel you forward with much less lift. The inclination and shallowness will also depend on the size of the bird you are casting.

Plan ahead

You hold all the cards. It’s up to you which birds and what order they are in when trying to solve a puzzle. Consider using the strength of one bird to prepare the next bird for a more powerful collision. Also check out the environment the bad guys are strutting around in. Are there any weak points? Plan your attack around these weak points; anything that can cause a domino effect when a building falls is a big plus. Can you spot anything that can cause more destruction, like TNT crates? Exploit your environment to kill two birds with one stone (bird).

Example of damage after impact in classic Angry Birds

Using the restart button

Patience is the key. If you think your plan didn’t work, pause the game and press the restart button to reset the level. There is no consequence to restarting a level several times. It is practice makes perfect.

Describe the Retry Button in Angry Birds Classics

Alternatively, you can retry levels after completing them to earn the stars you missed on the first go-around.

More than one way to solve a puzzle

Each puzzle offers more than one solution. Changing your approach to solving puzzles is encouraged. Experiment with which blocks to shoot down first and change how you use your birds. Sometimes it all depends on how birds collide with objects versus what abilities they bring to a level. For example, Matilda drops an egg that can bomb in the air, but you might have better luck using Matilda to slam into an object or destroy a pig instead. Additionally, the bomb could be thrown to cause greater collision damage against a building. Try using Bomb for its timed detonation to get that extra damage afterwards.

mighty eagle

Unlike previous games, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds does not contain any in-app purchases. There is one caveat, a one hour cooldown exists on the Mighty Eagle mechanic. So if you’re too frustrated to complete a level, you can call on the Mighty Eagle to complete that level.

Mighty Eagle in the Angry Birds Classics

To summon the Mighty Eagle, press the Eagle Eye button (next to the pause button). Your birds are replaced by a single can of sardines positioned in the slingshot. Simply toss the can of sardines to finish summoning the Mighty Eagle. After using the Mighty Eagle, the Eagle Eye button is replaced with a cooldown that displays how long you must wait before you can use that service again.

Hitting the right note on a remake

Rovio hit the nail on the head with their classic Angry Birds remake. Fans couldn’t have asked for more. The revitalization of familiar slingshot gameplay is enough to keep anyone hooked for hours at a time. With eight episodes to play and nearly 400 levels to keep you busy, you’ll have plenty of content to wade through. So, if you want to try Rovio Classics: Angry Birds, you can purchase the game through the Play Store widget below.


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