Abercrombie and Kent luxury travel packages soar

Abercrombie & Kent on a trip to Swala Sanctuary | Source: © Abercrombie & Kent

Abercrombie & Kent is one of the world’s leading luxury travel companies. Founded in 1962 by Geoffrey Kent, the company was one of the first to offer experiential adventures related to the luxury life. Today, Abercrombie & Kent still lives by the same philosophy of adventure by day, comfort by night.

Abercrombie and Kent’s luxury private jets can take you anywhere in the world in style. Fueled by the pandemic-induced increase in private jet travel, luxury tour operator Abercrombie and Kent have published three private jet routes around the world that you can join in 2022.

The company made a name for itself in 1962, when it offered the world’s first luxury tent safari camps in Africa and has since hosted unique luxury travel experiences in destinations around the world. The company now offers a number of trips around the world in its own Boeing 757.

The tour packages will take 50 like-minded guests to a number of exotic destinations around the world via a private chartered jet. On board, travelers will have access to white glove service, first class seating, with a team of expert travel managers, a dedicated flight crew, an executive chef and a doctor on board. With espresso machines, noise-canceling headphones, and organized entertainment, it won’t be an ordinary flight experience.

Accompanied by luggage, tour operators and local experts, every detail of the trip will be taken care of by a group of experienced Abercrombie and Kent staff. Once back ashore, guests will enjoy invitation-only cultural events, fine dining, and luxury hotel accommodation handpicked by luxury travel experts from Abercrombie and Kent.

Let’s review three of Abercrombie & Kent’s most luxurious round-the-world travel deals.

Source: Abercrombie and Kent Spplied

Around the world with Geoffrey Kent: an inspiring private jet expedition

This round-the-world itinerary is designed by Geoffrey Kent, travel expert and founder of Abercrombie and Kent. Including places that Geoffrey is also visiting for the first time, the tour will have you dine in a 400-year-old samurai fortress one night to party with the people of Hanoi another. From laying on a tropical beach in the Maldives to flying over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon, you’ll experience the world in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Around the World with Geoffrey Kent: An Inspiring Private Jet Expedition starts at AUD 223,000 per person.

Image: Abercrombie and Kent handpicked accommodation in the Maldives Source: Abercrombie and Kent

Cultural treasures: around the world in a private jet

This 24-day trip will take you to some of the most fascinating cultural destinations and experiences in the world. From visiting the Taj Mahal in India to exploring the modern architecture of Abu Dhabi, you will also participate in a Sicilian wedding party and have a unique experience at a Bhutanese tshechu festival. Traveling with around 47 other people, your private jet with fully reclining seats will give you access to parts of the world you may never have ventured into before.

Cultural treasures: Around the world in a private jet starts from A $ 200,000 per person.

Source: Discover the Taj Mahal the Abercrombie and Kent style Source: Abercrombie and Kent

Wildlife Safari: Around the World in a Private Jet

This unique tour gives you the chance to have all of the best wildlife experiences in the world all at once. Traveling by private jet, your tour will take you through the wild natural landscapes of Japan, India, Madagascar, Rwanda, and Kenya, with the opportunity to see everything from Japanese snow monkeys to playful Malagasy lemurs Bengal tigers, whale sharks and mountain gorillas. This 24-day trip is sure to delight any nature lover.

The Wildlife Safari: Round-the-World Private Jet starts at A $ 209,390 per person.

Source: See the world’s primates in the wild Source: Abercrombie and Kent

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