7 tips for planning a wedding in the city

There is one idea that comes to mind when considering a city wedding: luxury. And what better day to indulge in the luxuries of life than on your wedding day?

Planning your big day in a popular spot in town means that it will be easy for guests to get there, there will be accommodation nearby (especially if it’s a hotel), plenty of dining options to choose from and even more opportunities to treat yourself before your big day. However, this also means that more logistics may be involved, such as arranging parking, arranging transport home, etc.

So we chat with Tara Fay, wedding planner and founder of Tara Fay Events, in partnership with one of Dublin City’s most popular wedding venues – The Westbury – as she shares her top tips for hosting a wedding in town.

1. Consider creating a wedding website.

When planning a wedding in the hustle and bustle of a city center, deadlines can change quickly, whether it’s slow traffic or an imposed curfew. Not only does creating a wedding website make it more convenient with all the information in one place, but it also allows for easy updates for your guests.

“Having a wedding website is invaluable for your guests, especially for a city wedding. It’s the fastest way to provide information to your customers, as you can download all updates in real time for them.” Just be sure to let them know they need to check the website ahead of time.

The Westbury
2. Make sure your guests have transportation and accommodation options.

With a wedding at a popular downtown location, some may choose to return home afterward, rather than staying the night. If so, check with the hotel or venue that there will be enough taxis, Ubers, etc. to bring them home. Many people organize a bus if they have multiple guests returning to the same area.

“Having a wedding in town means that all of your out-of-town guests can easily get to your venue from airports or train/bus stations. So be sure to book enough accommodation for them all in advance.”

3. Allow extra time for traffic and parking.

“If you’re having a wedding in the countryside, you don’t usually have to consider traffic and parking, whereas with a city wedding it’s important to allow extra time. Check if there are any road closures in advance with your transport company as you want to spend your time with your guests and not be stuck in a traffic jam.

Dublin city center has also had a few pedestrian streets lately, so if you’re getting married there, check that it won’t affect your itinerary. Another tip is to provide customers with a map of the multiple parking options available around the site.

The Westbury
4. Choose memorable locations for photos.

If you decide to get married in a city that you and your partner have frequented together, there is a great opportunity to take photos in places that are meaningful to you. From your favorite cafes and parks to your favorite pub for a pint, it’s a fun way to add a personal touch to your wedding photos.

However, if you opt for these photos, try to pick a time that will be less busy in the area. Weekdays, in general, are the perfect opportunity for city shots, but if you’re getting married on the weekend, try to prioritize those shots first in the afternoon and then back to the place and finish your remaining photos. That way it’s not too crowded and you don’t have to worry about the weather or being overwhelmed.

5. Take advantage of the location to find suppliers.

Because your wedding is centrally located, this opens up many opportunities for vendors to host your pre or post wedding celebrations. “Downtown venues with lively cocktail bars are always the best spots for your cocktail hour.

Better yet, keep everything in place and consider the Westbury’s gorgeous art deco bar, The Sidecar Bar. Its decor is inspired by a 1930s cocktail bar with plush booths, marble tables, gold chandeliers, and waiters wearing white tuxedo jackets. Couples can host a fancy cocktail party the day before the big day.

The Westbury
6. Check curfew times in the area and with the location.

“Think about your curfew time. Most downtown venues have a slightly different curfew for music, so be sure to take that into account when creating your timeline.

Curfews for music and crowd noise change frequently in cities across Ireland, especially since COVID, so the best way to make sure you’re following the rules is to check with your venue. They must have the most recent information.

7. Consider a second-day celebration nearby.

Are you and your partner enjoying a nice weekend brunch? When you’re in town, you have plenty of options to choose from for your meal the next day. “Imagine the luxury of waking up after your wedding and then meeting your guests for a long brunch or lunch in a place you can all walk to.”

If you are getting married in Dublin, The Westbury is ideal for small and large weddings. The opulent Grafton Suite is outfitted with floor-to-ceiling windows, marble columns, and an art deco cocktail bar, while the more intimate Trinity Suite offers a sophisticated space with Irish artwork and private dining. The hotel also offers fantastic second-day options, so you and your guests can celebrate your big day in one place.

With 205 luxurious rooms, including 27 suites, the opulent Grafton Suite and the sophisticated Trinity Suite, The Westbury can accommodate a couple and their guests throughout the celebration of their wedding, by offering preferential accommodation rates. Whatever type of celebration you wish to organise, let Westbury’s dedicated wedding team help you make your dream wedding a reality.