6 Google Maps tips for renting your first Airbnb

When it comes to finding the perfect Airbnb, it’s all about location. Whether your ideal vacation is in the middle of nowhere or in the bustling city and close to landmarks, there’s bound to be an Airbnb to suit you. To help you narrow down your decision, you should use Google Maps.

With Google Maps, you can see which stores are nearby, how far you are from tourist sites, explore images of the surrounding area, plan routes and much more. We’ll show you how to use Google Maps to plan your Airbnb rental.

1. Plan your travel itinerary

It is essential that you plan your travel itinerary from home to Airbnb, as well as wherever else you wish to visit. To let Google Maps help you, click the blue directional arrow and enter your start point and end point.

Google recommends the best route, but you can use the icons at the top to switch between different modes of transportation like car, train, and bus. Google Maps is linked to public transport networks, so it will show you exactly what to ride on and at what time.

While your Airbnb may appear to be in the perfect location, it may not have good public transport links, or the route may have tolls (which Google Maps warns you about). Google Maps also shows you nearby gas stations, should you need to fill up.


2. Find nearby shops and restaurants

While your Airbnb may come with a welcome basket, you’ll likely need to pick up groceries, snacks, forgotten personal care items, and more. That’s why it’s convenient to choose an Airbnb with enough stores nearby.

On Google Maps, navigate to the area where Airbnb is located and search Races. In the left pane you will see all the stores in the area and they will be highlighted on the map with a red marker.

Select a store to get more information such as opening hours, rush hours and reviews.

Similarly, you can search Restaurants, Take away, Coffeeand Chemists.

3. Browse Street View images

It’s fine to look at the images provided by your Airbnb host, but it’s understandable that they want to show the property and its surroundings in the best light. What if you want to get a closer look at the streets to get a better idea of ​​where you’ll be staying?

This is where Google Street View comes in. Since Airbnb does not give you the exact location of the property before you book, go to the general area on Google Maps. Then, left click and hold the yellow person icon at the bottom right and drop it on a highlighted street.

This will change your view to Google Street View. Using Google Street View is simple: use the arrow keys to change your view angle and move down the street, or click where you want to move. From there, you can familiarize yourself with the area before you arrive. Does it look safe? Is there enough parking?

4. Check entertainment opportunities

Entertainment means different things to different people. Google Maps lets you know if your idea of ​​fun is walking through historic sites, strolling through parks, going to the theater, or listening to live music.

Go to the area where your Airbnb is located and find the type of entertainment you are looking for, such as Landmarks, theateror gardens. Google Maps marks them all on the map, and you can use the left pane to scroll through the choices.

Alternatively, if something catches your eye on the map, click it to open the details pane and see photos, reviews, contact information, and more. Use of Google Maps’ Popular hours section, you can plan your trip to a landmark for the day and time when it’s least busy.

By the way, if you need to cash out to fund all this excitement, search ticket vending machines on Google Maps and you will see everywhere you can withdraw money. Beware though that some might charge you for the privilege, which Google Maps won’t warn you about.

5. Find cheaper or better accommodation

How committed are you to booking a stay through Airbnb? While most Airbnb bookings go smoothly, there are Airbnb horror stories of scams, abuse, and disruption. Or maybe you just can’t find your perfect Airbnb property in the area you want to stay. In that case, consider a hotel or vacation rental with another provider.

Google Maps can help you with this. Go to the area where you want to stay and search Hotels. This displays all the hotels in the area, represented on the map by their price. Use the filters in the left pane to select the date of your stay, number of occupants and price range.

At the top of the screen, apply additional filters such as customer rating, brand, amenities, free cancellation, etc. If hotels aren’t your vibe, skip to Holiday rents. Hotel and rental prices are compared against a range of suppliers, so you can grab the cheapest deal.

6. Save places to create a route

With all the information gathered to make your Airbnb stay great, you’ll want to make sure you don’t forget it. To help you, you can save places in Google Maps to create a route.

Select a location (or drop a pin, if it’s not a recognized landmark) on Google Maps and click Save from the left pane. Choose one of the predefined lists (like Favorites or Travel plans), or opt for New list to build yours.

To view this list later, click the three horizontal lines at the top left, select Your placesand select the list.

Find your perfect Airbnb with Google Maps

Take your time finding your perfect Airbnb rental, especially if you’re going for a long stay. Make sure it has good reviews, won’t break the bank, and is placed in a decent area. Google Maps can help with the latter, ensuring your vacation goes off without a hitch.

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