5 cheap flight deals from Vancouver as COVID-19 restrictions ease

It’s been a long time since many of us have vacationed out of the country, and now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing, many people are finally considering what types of trips are possible.

Canada drops COVID-19 test requirement for back to school on April 1 for all vaccinated travellers, which means that it will be easier than during the whole pandemic to travel abroad.

Fuel prices are unfortunately skyrocketing as things reopen, but there are still several affordable flight routes from Vancouver where there are great deals to be had.

Vancouver to San Francisco for $171 round trip

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Flair Airlines is adding several new US markets to its offerings this spring and is currently offering a sale for travel dates before June 26. San Francisco is the only new route added from Vancouver, and from May 17 to June 26 fares are 50% off.

Visit Flair Red, white and new sales page or apply promo code NEWMARKETS50 to get the discount.

Flair airlines

Flair airlines

Vancouver to London, UK for $512 return

london flights

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Want to jump across the pond in May? WestJet offers $512 flights from Vancouver to Gatwick Airport. The best part is that the 10 hour flights are direct.

Simply enter the desired dates in Skyscanner to see the deal. Slightly more expensive tickets are also offered for the month of June.



Vancouver to Maui for $300


Makena Beach, Maui, Hawaii (Chris Howey/Shutterstock)

Okay, that’s not the more There’s never been an affordable flight deal to Hawaii, but you can still snag a $300 round-trip ticket to Maui for a last-minute trip in April.

Just check Google Flights for dates that still cost $300.

Vancouver to Paris for $569 round trip

calgary paris


They say Paris in the spring is lovely, and if you book early you can still get a $569 return ticket for select dates in March and April.

Just check Google Flights for the dates that suit you.

Vancouver to Toronto for $136 round trip

toronto island boat

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Ok, it’s not an international trip, but it’s still across the country. Also, Ontario in September is beautiful, with gorgeous fall foliage starting to come out.

Look for Flair airlines for dates in the fall which are $69 each way. Keep in mind that these fares only include one personal item – carry-on or checked baggage will be extra.