4 tips to speed up your Canadian passport application, according to an expert

The federal government has created a streamlined process for Canadian passport renewals and applications – although the prolonged and ongoing delay suggests things haven’t been as straightforward as expected.

With wait times at Canadian airports reaching ridiculous heights, so much so that Transport Canada eliminated random COVID-19 testing at the Montreal airport, it seems everything travel-related has become a heist. -head.

Fortunately, if you’re hoping to renew or apply for a Canadian passport, there are things you can do to speed up the process.

Travel expert and CEO of Next Vacay, Naveen Dittakavi has shared a handful of tips and tricks to make applying for a passport a little easier in these turbulent times.

When it comes to planning your next vacation, knowing whether or not your passport is valid is the first step to a successful trip. Naveen shared that it’s best to always check your passport to see when it was issued.

“After travel has taken a break for many holidaymakers during the pandemic, many passports need to be renewed. To avoid disappointment on your summer vacation, you’ll want to make sure it’s not more than ten years since your passport has been issued,” Dittakavi said.

“You also need a minimum of three or six months to enter many destinations, including popular travel spots such as Egypt, Thailand and Dubai. It may be worth seeing if you can postpone your holiday at a later date if either of these issues apply to your passport, otherwise you risk losing your holiday.”

Naveen also recommends not only double-checking your app, but also triple-checking it for any errors, typos, or errors.

“I recommend that you check your application carefully before submitting it. Many delays are due to typical errors – such as incorrect photos or typos – which can worsen your chances of receiving a passport in time for a trip. of summer.”

Going digital is another time saver, as filling out and sending physical applications can take longer than expected.

“Many variables go into the time it will take to renew your passport, from the first passport to renewing a child. As for the application method, digital applications generally take less time because parts of the application are less likely to get lost, and the online process will be more efficient. Keep that in mind if you don’t want to get stuck in the backlog,” Naveen said.

Finally, if you need to make an appointment, handling things in person is always faster than over the phone.

Also, you won’t need to shout “TALK TO A REPRESENTATIVE” at that automated message when you have a real person in front of you, especially for more urgent matters.

“With the current demand for travel in recent months, even expedited passport renewal services are overwhelmed, so there’s no quick fix to getting your passport on time,” Naveen said.

“However, if you are traveling for urgent family matters – such as a funeral – you may be able to speed up the process. Alternatively, seek to book an appointment at one of the various Passport Centers across the country – that way , you can speed up the process in person and have someone on hand in case something goes wrong.

While there really is no perfect formula for getting your passport as fast as you want, following some of these necessary tips will make the process a little easier.

Good luck and may the passport application odds always be in your favor!

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