$ 2.25 Flights: Inside Wizz Air’s Crazy One-Way Flight Deals

For one day only, Wizz Air has put on sale 10,000 tickets for only € 1.99 (US $ 2.25) one way, including taxes. These are exclusively connections to, from and within Italy, today the carrier’s first country at very low prices. Based on the author’s research, € 1.99 is available on many routes.

Wizz Air, Ryanair and easyJet are increasingly competing in Italy, including at national level. Photo: Wizz Air.

€ 1.99 one way including taxes?

Wizz Air still offers discounts and sales like all low-cost and ultra-low-cost carriers. It is the nature of the game to drive brand awareness, demand, load factor, and revenue for the industry. However, its one-way fare revenue in 2019 was only € 39.5 ($ 46.6) per passenger, according to its annual report, for an average sector length of 1,005 miles (1,618 km). (Including accessories, it was € 67.1; $ 79.2).

Available for booking only on December 10, Wizz Air’s 10,000 Italy tickets for just € 1.99 incl. Tax are equivalent to 42,239 full A321neo seats. Of course, various airlines have offered tickets at extraordinarily low prices in the past. The author fondly remembers Ryanair’s 1p deals and traveled from London to Seville in southern Spain for a mere 2p all-in.

Wizz Air Amman
When writing, you could get over nine hours of block time for a simple return of € 3.98 ($ 4.48) with just one carry-on). For American readers, it is equivalent, in terms of distance, to Boston-Denver-Boston. Image: Wizz Air website.

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Yes, but it’s naturally limited

Wizz Air’s offer is limited, like any sale. This is for the least requested period until February 28 and is during a period when restrictions on coronaviruses are returning. It is also very ‘inventory controlled’ which means that few seats are available per flight.

As you would expect, it tends to be the least demanded days of the week (rarely the higher-yielding Fridays and Sundays) and the hours of the day. As always, super low fares require tradeoffs and flexibility, which also applies to what you take. Because if it can be available for € 1.99 (at least in a sense), this obviously only includes the seat and a small handbag included.

Milan Malpensa is one of the seven Italian bases created by Wizz Air since the start of the pandemic. A quick search shows that Luton has plenty of flights for € 1.99, while the long route to Lanzarote, 1,674 miles (2,694 km), only has one (December 12 when writing ). New routes tend to have many services available, as do domestic services, most of which compete fiercely with Ryanair and easyJet.

Wizz Air Italy
Wizz Air is currently offering 285 connections to, from and within Italy next summer, involving 24 Italian airports. The longest route will be from Catania to Abu Dhabi (2,494 miles, 4,014 km); the shortest, from Bari to Tirana (155 miles, 250 km). Image: OAG Mapper.

Wizz Air has quadrupled its capacity in Italy

Wizz Air has more seats to, from and in Italy than any other country. Looking ahead to next summer, some 7.8 million round-trip seats are for sale, according to data from the OAG. That’s 77% (!) More than number two, UK, and about double that of Poland in third place.

In the summer of 2019, Italy was Wizz Air’s fifth country with just 1.9 million seats. It increased its share of the country’s international market from 3.7% to 9.4% (behind Ryanair and easyJet) and domestic from zero to 11.7% (behind Ryanair and the “new” Alitalia).

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