10 Pro Tips to Make Your Broken Bow Getaway Unforgettable

You keep hearing about Broken Bow, Oklahoma and you’re ready to book a trip. We’ve rounded up some pro tips to take some guesswork out of this new experience. Start browsing online to find the perfect place to stay and get ready for a relaxing getaway on the road you’ll likely repeat.

Tip #1 for the broken bow: How to find your cabin

Most people book their cabin through VRBO or AirBnB, but a quick Google search can also direct you to local cabin rental companies. You’ll find all types of properties in the area: upscale, simple, modern or rustic, one bedroom, 6 bedrooms, tons of amenities, or just a few.

Broken Bow Tip #2: When to book your cabin

Now that this hidden gem destination isn’t so hidden, you’ll want to book your cabin around 5-6 months to get the best selection.

Broken Bow Tip #3: What to bring?

Ask your cabin owner ahead of time what the cabin is stocked with in terms of essentials like coffee filters, extra blankets, matches, firewood, etc. Most cabins will be fully furnished with cutlery, cooking utensils, glassware and plates, but some are more generous than others when it comes to spices, coffee, paper towels and toiletries. basic toilet.

Broken Bow Tip #4: Where to buy the essentials

After checking into your cabin, take stock of what you’ll need for your stay, then run to the little Wal-Mart you passed on your way to town. This is where you’ll find wine, beer, and any essentials you may have forgotten at home, like shampoo or insect repellent. Next to the Wal-Mart, there is a grocery store called Pruett’s. They don’t sell alcohol, but they have all your grocery needs. Don’t forget to take those s’mores ingredients and some firewood if the cabin didn’t provide it for you!

Broken Bow Tip #5: What kind of shoes to wear

Sometimes it takes a while for the dense areas around the cabin to dry out after a rain, so bring shoes that can handle it. For kids, consider rain boots for easy on and off as they play indoors and outdoors all day. Planning to go hiking? Bring shoes or boots with a good sole. There are a few wineries and a few lively nightlife spots, so heels aren’t out of the question.

Broken Bow Tip #6: Don’t Forget Your Swimsuit

Almost every property in Broken Bow has a hot tub and in the summer you may want to take advantage of lake activities. Pack those swimsuits!

Broken Bow Tip #7: Don’t Forget Fido

If your cabin owner allows it, bring your adorable dog. It’s not hard to find pet-friendly cabins in the area (they may charge a fee). However, if your dog roams outside, be sure to watch him for ticks before you go home.

Courtesy of Cashmere Shack in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Broken Bow Tip #8: Respect Your Cabin Owners

Your rented cabin can also be its owner’s personal getaway, so be respectful and take good care of it. Some cabins are locally owned, and those that are not will have local property managers. In either case, if you encounter any difficulties during your stay, someone is nearby to meet your needs.

Here’s something to note: one of the rules that cabin owners tend to follow is the maximum number of guests. Don’t worry about adding an extra group of friends in sleeping bags to your weekend if you’ve booked a cabin with a maximum occupancy of 4-6 people. Landlords don’t appreciate the extra wear and tear on their property and they might kick you out.

Broken Bow #9: Discover the region

There’s so much to do and see between Beavers Bend State Park, Hochatown and Broken Bow Lake. It will be tempting to stay by the fireplace all weekend, but consider taking advantage of the many activities available while you’re in town. Enjoy ziplining, distillery tours, kayaking, and even roller skating, among other fun things to do.

Broken Bow #10: Where to eat

Since cabins usually come with fully equipped kitchens, you may decide to cook for yourself during your stay. Otherwise, there are plenty of great local restaurants with a cool character and small town charm.